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18% Of SMBs Still Using Windows XP
A study carried out by Bitdefender worked out that SMBs are taking huge security risks by continuing to use the out of date operating system that no longer has Microsoft’s support.
Bury XP Or Bury Your Data: 7 Tips For A Stress-Free Migration
Upgrading Windows XP to either Windows 7 or Windows 8 is critical both from a cost perspective and security point of view. Here are my top tips in migrating whilst you still can!
Businesses Still Unprepared For Windows Server 2003 Deadline
We are now in July, and for companies that use Windows Server 2003, that means one thing – official extended support from Microsoft ends come the middle of the month.
CCS And Microsoft XP Support Deal Finalised
An XP support deal for the wider public sector has been agreed between the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and IT giant Microsoft.
China Sticks With Windows XP To Avoid The Cost Of Upgrades
The Chinese government has decided that it will stick with using Windows XP as the operating system of choice, rather than upgrading to a newer platform. The decision, it says, its to avoid costs.
Chinese Refuse To Use Windows 8 Amid Security Concerns
According to the Xinhua news agency, the move is intended as a safety precaution, with the Chinese authorities viewing the operating system as a security liability.
End Of An Era: Will Your IT Estate Survive Post Windows XP?
With Windows XP taking its final bow, Paul Marsh asks the question of how this OS migration will affect businesses in the long run.
Government Will Not Renew Extended XP Support
The government has decided that it won’t sign up for another year of extended support for Windows XP.
Is Your Business Still Stuck On Windows XP? Don’t Panic
Although the deadline for support has now passed, it's not too late to get things back on track. By implementing safeguarding measures, IT departments can better prepare themselves.
Lord Chief Justice Urges “No IT Spending Cuts”
The Lord Chief Justice, also Head of Criminal Justice and President of the Courts in England and Wales, has expressed his concerns towards “wholly outdated” technology.
Malware Used Windows To Attack Banks
The Software Restriction Policies feature that is a part of Windows has been used by a piece of malware to dampen the effect that many antivirus programs have.
Microsoft Flags Up Serious Internet Explorer Vulnerability
The flaw hits versions of Internet Explorer 6 all the way through to IE 11, and allows for remote code execution – plus it affects those on Windows XP.
Microsoft’s Support For Windows XP Has Now Officially Ended
As you may well be aware, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP from today, though plenty of folks are still using the aged OS.
Migration Away From Ended Windows XP
Around 30% of businesses are still yet to migrate to a new operating system after Windows XP. Sumir Karayi explains why this needs to change, and how.
More Windows XP Users Than Windows 8 And 8.1 Combined
Microsoft decided to pull the plug on extended support for Windows XP last year, following almost a decade of patches and security fixes for the ancient operating system.
NHS' Inability To Get Off XP To Cost Us All Millions
Almost all NHS Trusts are still using the outdated OS with just five of 35 trusts surveyed by Citrix saying they have a plan to leave the OS behind.
NHS Wales' Reliance On Older Windows Claimed To Be Security Risk
Plaid Cymru fears the service continues to rely too heavily on 15-year-old Windows XP software which Microsoft stopped supporting over a year ago.
UK And Australian Governments Urge Surfers To Avoid Internet Explorer
More governments across the globe have joined the US in warning citizens away from Internet Explorer, including the UK’s Computer Emergency Response Team.
Windows 10 Early Adoption Rate Revealed
Numbers from StatCounter suggest Windows 10 holds 3.55% market share - a number that stacks well against the Windows 8 stat for the same post-launch period.
Windows Vista And 7 Are More Vulnerable To Infections Than Windows XP, According To Microsoft Report
The latest Security Intelligence Report shows that Windows XP isn’t faring as badly on the security front as you might think, though the Robrow malware has skewed things.

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