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Door Opens For UK Autonomous Cars With New Code Of Practice
Changes will need to be made to the Highway Code and MOT test regulations, according to a new report from the Department of Transport.
Driverless Cars Causing More Security Concerns
Driverless cars will become a reality in the next couple of years – yes, by 2016 – at least in small amounts.
Driverless Cars To Be Tested In Four UK Cities From 2015
At the start of next year, four cities across the UK will begin trialling driverless cars funded by Innovate UK, as we move slowly but steadily towards the future of autonomous vehicles.
Germany Setting Up Driverless Car Laws
German transport minister Alexander Dobrindt has announced plans to make new laws for the legalisation of driverless cars on German autobahns in the next five years.
US Military Expresses Concerns About Cars "Becoming Remote Tanks"
The US military is preparing to wage war on car crime with the specific remit to develop a plan with manufacturers that prevents hackers stealing cars and one day turning them into weapons.

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