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A Special London 'Loft' To Boost Coder Interest In Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services is making a big push here, with this new facility so close to 'Silicon Roundabout.'
"Amazon Is Our Biggest Search Competitor" Says Google Chairman
Eric Schmidt gave a speech in Berlin where he explained that a “Google killer” is an inevitability and that it will come from where they least expect it.
£25BN Ain't No Big Deal Anymore, Investors Tell Amazon
Wall St unimpressed with commerce giant's largest quarterly profit ever.
Amazon CTO Claims Cloud Must Be Focused On User Needs
A European cloud network needs to benefit users, rather than providers' needs, says Werner Vogels. Lowering the barrier of entry will lead to more experimentation.
Amazon Deutschland Hit By Industrial Action
Employees at four of Amazon’s German distribution centres stage co-ordinated strike action after the company refuses to hold wage talks.
Amazon Eyeing Microsoft For Corporate Email Service
Amazon is about to enter the corporate email market currently dominated by Google and Microsoft.
Amazon Gearing Up For Assault On Smart Home Market
After plans to invest $55m in its new 'Lab126' smart home project emerged earlier this week, more proof's being found that Google and Apple may soon have some serious competition here.
Amazon Intends To Open Physical New York Store
According to reports, Amazon is planning to open its first brick-and-mortar store in New York City in an attempt to provide the more immediate, face-to-face service of traditional retailers.
Amazon Launches Netflix-Like 'Unlimited E-Book' Service In UK
Will Amazon's ebook subscription service harm British publishing, though?
Amazon Reveals Cloud Drive API
Amazon announced on Tuesday the launch of a public REST API platform for its Cloud Drive. This API will allow third-party developers to easily integrate Cloud Drive into their own services, thus simplifying upload, download, and manipulation of content to the cloud, and enabling developers to focus more on the app and less on storage....
Drone Delivery Services Lack Popularity With Customers
Amazon, Google, FedEx and Domino’s are all testing drone programs to take over the delivery service.
Dropbox's Moved Off AWS Entirely, It Says
Look at Dropbox, all grown up and now using, almost entirely, its own custom-built infrastructure to hold data.
eBay, Amazon and LinkedIn Taken Offline By Major Internet Outage
Was lack of IPv6 the reason behind what seems to have been the biggest Web blackout in history yesterday?
Financial Reward Offered By Health Insurance Firm For Providing Personal Data
A fitness tracker is being used to entice people into sharing their personal data by offering them financial rewards.
Google: We Need To Get Better At Enterprise Sales
Google’s new cloud chief Diane Greene, a Silicon Valley legend at VMware, has told employees that the company needs to improve with regards to its efforts selling to corporate customers.
Microsoft Cuts Azure Pricing Just Days After Amazon Slashes Its Own
Azure’s pricing has been cut across a number of different sectors with compute prices down by as much as 35 per cent and storage levies reduced by up to 65 per cent.
Microsoft Releases Azure For Government And Public Sector
Microsoft has announced that its cloud infrastructure is ready to accept government clients, particularly US public sector customers in federal, state and local organisations.
OEMs Start To Buy Amazon's Chip
Annapurna Labs, purchased by the online retailer last year, will now set its sights on delivering its Alpine platform-on-chip and subsystems product line to businesses in the in the Wi-Fi, home media, storage and IoT spaces, we're told.
Opinion: Just How Far Off Being Google (Or Amazon) Are You Really?
Anant Jhingran, CTO of Apogee, doesn't mean in revenue - but IT scale.
Oracle, eBay And Amazon Not Very Green
Internet companies might not seem like major contributors to pollution, but Greenpeace is not letting them have a free ride, in a new report showing how some companies are much cleaner than others when it comes to energy.

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