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2016 Could See A Lot More Enterprise Apps, Says Red Hat
Open-source solutions provider Red Hat today announced results from a recent mobile maturity survey that revealed 90% of respondents anticipate increasing investment in mobile application development within the next 12 months.
BBC Launches Major Overhaul New App
The BBC’s News app has gotten a revamp, with the goal of offering a more “personalised” experience when surfing for news.
BBC Weather App 'Most Ever Downloaded' App
Weather-obsessed Britons are downloading the BBC's weather application in record numbers, according to the BBC.
Dedicated LinkedIn Job Search App Launched
This week the professional social network launched its first standalone app for job seekers, as the firm reveals that 40 per cent of its user base access the site across mobile devices.
Google Maps Massively Upgrades Public Transport Coverage In The UK
Maps users will now benefit from public transit information across England, Scotland and Wales, with fresh data being incorporated for some 17,000 routes.
Microsoft Updates Its Health App In Time For Band Launch
Microsoft is preparing the site for the landing of its wearable device, the Band, in the UK.
Mobile App Claims To Provide Enhanced Message Security
PQChat provides you with a secure way to message people in your network and keep your communications away from prying eyes.
Mobile App Of The Day: Coursera
Use Coursera to find free courses on all manner of different topics, then sign up and do your learning on your phone.
Mobile App Of The Day: Fleep
Fleep is a chat app for professional people, allowing them to get together online wherever they are in the real world. It comes complete with file storage and pinboard tools.
Mobile App Of The Day: F-Secure Freedome VPN
F-Secure Freedome VPN helps keep your personal data safe and protects your privacy via its sophisticated encryption and data security features.
Mobile App Of The Day: Google Docs & Google Sheets
Google Drive has rescinded editing capabilities, which are now only possible if you download separate Google Sheets and Google Docs apps.
Mobile App Of The Day: Javelin Browser
If you struggle to read web content, or hanker for a gesture-based web browser for Android, then give Javelin Browser a try.
Mobile App Of The Day: Mailbox
Mailbox can help you quickly organise and sort email so that it's easier to deal with, and you can become more efficient.
Mobile App Of The Day: Netgear WiFi Analytics
Netgear WiFi Analytics is a straightforward app that provides information about your router to help you get the best performance from it.
Mobile App Of The Day: Note Crypt Safe With Password
If you need to keep important notes and information away from prying eyes, then try Note Crypt Safe with Password.
Mobile App Of The Day: SurveyMonkey
SurveyMonkey is a great app if you are interested in questionnaires and analysis, and the app ties in neatly with the website.
Mobile Ecommerce Seems To Be Going From Strength To Strength
The problem: legacy infrastructure is failing to keep up with the increasingly fast developments in technology that are taking place within ecommerce, says Tim Jenkins Country Sales Director of e-Spirit UK.
Read PDFs Effectively On Your Mobile With PDF Expert 5
PDF Expert 5 provides all the PDF viewing and editing features you will ever need – and it even reads PDFs out loud to you.
Researchers Warn Businesses That Mobile Apps Are "Disposable"
With the rise of smartphones, mobile apps may be all the rage, but many users are pretty fickle when it comes to the software on their handset, regularly deleting programs.
REVIEW: HulloMail Mobile App
HulloMail is a sophisticated voicemail management service with options for individual users and business customers.

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