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Amnesty International Has Been Spied On By GCHQ
Human rights organisation Amnesty International is calling for an inquiry following the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) spy agency’s admission to using its resources to spy on them.
Campaigners React Unfavourably To ISC Report
A variety of human rights and privacy campaigners and groups have reacted in a negative manner to a new Parliamentary report on massive surveillance.
GCHQ Becomes Immune To Hacking Laws Following Quiet Law Change
UK government intelligence agencies such as GCHQ are now immune from prosecution for hacking into computers and mobile devices after Parliament quietly amended the law.
GCHQ Director Issues Isis Social Media Warning
Government intelligence agencies and private sector tech organisations must work together to combat terrorist threats from groups such as Isis (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).
GCHQ Director Says Organisation Doesn't Have The Manpower To Spy On Everyone
Speaking a few weeks before the Snooper’s Charter is set to be pushed into Parliament, Government Communication Headquarters director general for cyber security Ciaran Martin claims reports on the power of the intelligence agency are greatly exaggerated.
GCHQ Launches New Hacking Summer School
The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has launched its ‘Cyber Insiders Summer School’ as it attempts to recruit the “very best” computer scientists.
GCHQ Receives Complaints From ISPs Over Spying
Seven Internet service providers have made a legal claim against the UK intelligence agency over allegations of multiple network attacks and illegal surveillance.
GCHQ Releases Cryptoy App
The UK’s history of cryptography is fascinating, with famous cryptanalysts like Alan Turing, Dillwyn Knox, and W. T. Tutte  deciphering different code machines used in World War I and II.
GCHQ 'Scanned Entire Countries' Claim
The UK’s spy agency probed entire soveriegn nations' Internet infrastructures for server weaknesses so it could exploit vulnerable ports.
GCHQ Surveillance Of Human Rights Group Is Illegal Says Tribunal
A judicial tribunal has ruled the Government Communications Headquarters surveillance of two international human rights groups was illegal, another strike on the spying department’s murky record.
Gemalto SIMs May Have Been Compromised By Western Security Agencies
Did the NSA and GCHQ collude to burgle a major SIM card manufacturer's secrets? That's the latest Snowden revelation...
Government Increasing Requests To Facebook For User Data
Facebook has revealed that governments around the world are requesting more user data than ever before.
Human Rights Groups Take UK To Court Over Surveillance
A group of humans rights and privacy campaigners and charities have come together to take the UK government to the European Court of Human Rights over mass surveillance practices.
Internet Users Must Demand Both Security And Privacy
The conflict between privacy and security is a long-running one, often inflamed by global threats, but always present.
Investigatory Powers Tribunal Challenges UK Surveillance
The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) is set to lead an historic legal challenge against the UK government conducting mass Internet surveillance.
Is a BYOD ban the best way to avoid cyber-attacks?
Following the news that GCHQ advised firms to consider stripping staff of smartphones to avoid cyber-attacks, George Anderson, Director at Webroot, offered his thoughts: [see_also] “The high-profile breaches that have taken place over the past few months highlight the different methods attackers can use to gain access to a network. Although employees can be seen...
ISPA Responds To GCHQ Director
The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA) has responded to an article about the threats presented by terrorists and the Internet.
Kaspersky Labs Reverse Engineered By NSA And GCHQ
US and UK spy agencies have reverse-engineered anti-virus software with the goal of obtaining sensitive information from protected systems, The Intercept reported yesterday.
NSA And GCHQ Infiltrate World’s Mobile Networks
GCHQ and the NSA tracked and spied on innocent employees and tapped into regulatory firms into order to break into the world’s most popular mobile phone networks.
Parliament Calls For Radical Overhaul Of “Embarrassing” Intelligence Agency Oversight Following Snowden Revelations
The parliamentary cross-party home affairs select committee wants a complete modernisation of various areas of UK surveillance and security oversight.

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