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"We Don't Need The Internet" Says FCC Commissioner
The sole purpose of the Federal Communications Commission is to regulate cable, satellite, radio, television, wired and wireless communications.
Amazon Web Services Invests In Huge Solar Farm
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is about to become a lot more environmentally friendly after announcing the construction of an 80 megawatt solar farm.
Americans Taking Action After NSA Surveillance
More than a third of Americans who are aware of Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations have taken at least one step to protect their information.
AnonCoders Holds Polictical Party Website Hostage
From Saturday afternoon, all the way until Tuesday morning, an international hacking group held the Republican Party of Kentucky’s website under its control.
BAE Systems Acquires SilverSky To Intend Cloud Security Portfolio
BAE Systems has announced that its purchase of cloud security firm SilverSky has been finalised for £144.4 million.
BoE Tests Cyber Defences With Big US Banks
The Bank of England, in partnership with some of the largest US banks, is set to simulate a major cyberattack in order to test the security protocols being employed by the finance industry: Operation Resilient Shield.
Brit Retailers Pretty Good At This Social Media Malarkey
When it comes to retailers and social media, the US takes the crown, but the UK is not far behind, says social commerce network Pepper.
China Slaps Government Ban on Kaspersky And Symantec
China has come down hard on US-based security company Symantec and its Russian counterpart Kaspersky, removing it from the list of approved antivirus providers in Chinese government computer systems.
Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Privacy Fears Continue
The US' CISA, set to be discussed by the US Senate, is opposed by some of the world’s biggest technology firms. who believe that the legislation could have a negative impact on user privacy.
Drone And Supercomputer Exports Restricted In China Over National Security Fears
The Chinese government has issued restrictions on exporting drones and supercomputers due to concerns over national security.
Drone Flights Increased By 50% By Pentagon To Meet Surveillance Demand
With the United States Air Force (USAF) suffering from pilot shortages, the Pentagon has joined the drone group with the backing of the US Army, Special Forces and approved third-party contractors who will increase drone activity by 50 per cent.
EU Partners Up With Japan To Develop 5G Connectivity
5G online connectivity could be coming sooner rather than later after the European Union and Japan agreed to collaborate on developing the technology.
FBI Blocks Apple And Google Data Encryption With 18th Century Law
Court documents have revealed that the FBI means business when they say that Apple and Google should decrypt users’ data.
FBI Chief Supports PM's Comments That Strong Encryption Is Bad
Federal Bureau of Investigation chief James Comey said earlier this week that strong encryption is damaging to the US government, as many of the Islamic State (ISIL) recruiters use messaging platforms with end-to-end encryption to avoid detection.
FBI Offers Reward For Cyber Criminal's Head
When you’re looking for a criminal, but can’t seem to find him anywhere, what do you do?
FCC Chairman Promises Impartiality On Net Neutrality
Federal Communications Commission [FCC] chairman Tom Wheeler won’t bow to pressure from US president Barack Obama on net neutrality and told a gathering of web firms that his agency will remain independent on the issue. Read more: Obama finally enters net neutrality debate: Will he do more harm than good? Wheeler spoke to several behemoths...
German And UK Internet Users More Likely To Quit Over Privacy Fears
Internet users from the UK and Germany are more likely to stop using or delete an account for an online service than those from the United States, according to research into data privacy concerns.
Google Report Reveals Rise In Government Requests For Data
Since the report was first published back in 2009, requests for user data have risen 150 per cent globally, and 250 per cent in the US.
Google Set To Take Over NYC With Free Wi-FI
Google revealed Sidewalk Labs, an independent, fully owned company earlier this year, but gave no information on the project.
Hacking US Electronic Voting Machines"Extremely Easy"
Electronic voting machines used for US elections between 2002 and 2014 would have been extremely easy to hack, according to reports.

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