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Company policies curbing threat intelligence sharing
Businesses love the idea of sharing information regarding data breaches among themselves, but rarely do so. Those are the results of the latest McAfee Labs Threat Report, published by Intel Security. According to the report, 97 per cent of companies see value in sharing this data, but more than 50 per cent can’t do it,...
Employees Admit They Don't Care About Safety Of Company Files
Bring your own device (BYOD) initiative, in which people use their personal devices for work as well, is a real thing.
Here’s why your company data is (probably) easy prey
Businesses are literally waving their sensitive data in the air, just waiting for hackers to come and snatch them. Those are basically the results of a new comprehensive report by threat protection company Varonis Systems. The company collected anonymous data during risk assessments for potential customers for a year, and has now transformed that data...

Understanding the risks and rewards of public sector cloud 

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