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EC Wants A Unified Digital Market
Digital technologies are borderless in nature, so it makes no sense for the European Union to impose them, said the European Commission (EC).
Sigma Gets On To G-Cloud DOS Framework
Digital user experience agency Sigma's been appointed to the government’s new digital framework.
The Digital Marketplace Contenders, 9: Cloud9, Poole
Is cloud a term with any meaning any more? New G-Cloud-7 entrant Cloud9 says we need to get some quality metrics to help us out a bit more.
THINK Vendors 2016: A Quick Preview
Are you signed up yet for THINK Digital Vendors 2016 later this month - a great chance to see what opportunities there are for you as a supplier in the G-Cloud? We spoke with one of the first firms to sign up for the show, pubsec ICT PR leader Mantis.

Understanding the risks and rewards of public sector cloud 

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