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Android Tablets Now Have Microsoft Office Apps
Microsoft has launched its Office apps for Android tablets today, so you can now head over to the Google Play store and download Word, Excel and PowerPoint versions which are tailored to work on a slate.
Don't Fall Over With Shock: Pen & Paper Still Matters
All this new technology might be helpful in our everyday lives, both inside the office and outside, but when it comes to creativity, pen, paper and the whiteboard still reign supreme, says Epson.
Employees Annoyed By Outdated Ways Of Working With Documents
A study of more than 5,000 office professionals across the US, UK, Germany, France and Australia exposes how antiquated business processes and outdated ways of working with documents are having a dramatic impact on productivity, efficiency and worker satisfaction.
Future Offices Will Look Like Hollywood Sci-Fi
Online career site for the technology community, Dice, conducted a survey to ask IT pros what they believed was the future of the office - and the answers will fascinate you.
Is 9-5 Facebook Fun Costing The Country?
Those silly cat videos you watch on Facebook every day at work are costing the country billions of pounds, claims a new study.
Microsoft Launches Mobile Office On Android Before Windows
As the company continues its cross-platform strategy, Microsoft is set to release the Android version of its touch-optimised Office suite before the Windows variant.
Microsoft Set To Issue Largest Security Update Of Year
On the 11 November, a major patch relating to 16 security bulletins will be released, five of which are “critical,” nine which are “important” and two which address moderate risks.
Microsoft Teams Up With Dropbox To Put Office In The Cloud
Microsoft and Dropbox are integrating their services for collaboration across Dropbox and Microsoft Office on phones, tablets and the web.
New Office 365 Plans For SMEs Launched
Replacing the SMB packages currently available, UK businesses will now be able to choose from three plans: Office 365 Business Essentials, Business and Business Premium.
Opinion: Don't Fear The Office Of The Future
Technology that will bring offices into the future is available now, says Paul Statham, founder and CEO of workplace solutions firm Condeco Software - and that, he's going to try and convince you, is a good thing.
Opinion: With Office 365, Getting To The Cloud May Be Tougher Than You Think
Stefan Schachinger, Consulting System Engineer (Data Protection) at Barracuda Networks, has some practical issues with the idea. Is he right?
SAS Branches Out To Dublin
Business analytics firm SAS has announced it is opening a new Inside Sales and Customer Contact Centre in Ireland in a €40 million (£29m) investment.
UK Businesses Losing £250m A Year Through Lack Of Productivity
New research has revealed that UK businesses are losing £250 million a year as a result of unproductive working days.
UK Businesses Told To Invest More In Mobile
According to a new report by Source for Consulting, nearly two-thirds of employees in mid-market businesses in the UK feel that more investment in mobile technology is required.
Wearables Becoming Something Of A Workplace IT Puzzle
The 2015 Wearable Technology Survey shows that a lot of IT professionals run networks with the new devices - and are not sure they're completely on top of the challenge, it seems.

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