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£35m Green Tech Prize Dangled In Front Of UK Cities
Government announces special new fund to boost green initiatives - the Go Ultra Low Cities scheme.
Brits Not Very Convinced About Driverless Cars
People were generally fond of the idea of driverless cars, but after that crash between the Google car and a bus, apparently caused by the Google car itself, the public opinion seems to have changed.
Germany To Introduce "Digital Highway" For Self Driving Cars
Germany is looking to make sure that its association with the automobile industry is future-proof after announcing support for self-driving vehicles.
Next Gen Seems To Be Already Committed To Electric Cars
More than 80% cent of 14-year-olds want a non-combustion engine one, when the time is right - while almost 90% feel that motorists should be driving zero-emissions cars today.
Researchers easily hack 24 different cars
Thieves can probably a bunch of cars with ease, even though they have the wireless key. Those are the results of a new study done by a group of German car security researchers, looking into just how safe the wireless key is. According to a news report by Wired, wireless keys for cars are not safe at...
US Military Expresses Concerns About Cars "Becoming Remote Tanks"
The US military is preparing to wage war on car crime with the specific remit to develop a plan with manufacturers that prevents hackers stealing cars and one day turning them into weapons.

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