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"Abysmal" EU Cloud Adoption Dates Revealed
  The growth in high-speed internet connectivity across Europe, the increasing adoption of cloud services, the consumerisation of IT and the move towards mobile working are trends that, in theory, play to the strengths of SMBs.
150 NHS Bodies Now Using Cloud Expense Management, Says Firm
Software Europe’s other NHS customers also include 25 newly formed Clinical Commissioning Groups and 4 Clinical Support Units, it says.
150 NHS Organisations Now Using Software Europe Cloud Expenses Service
Software Europe’s other NHS customers also include 25 newly formed Clinical Commissioning Groups and 4 Clinical Support Units, it says.
2015 Will Be A Busy Year For Cloud Adoption
A global survey carried out by Equinix has found that, over the next 12 months, the majority of business applications will be deployed to not just one, but multiple clouds across several geographies.
2015: Will It Be The Beginning Of "Bring Your Own Internet Of Things"?
Before the year came to an end, we got the chance to speak to Mark O’Neill, VP of innovation at Axway, about his predictions for 2015.
2019 Will See A $47bn Mobile Cloud Market
The mobile cloud market is due for some major growth over the next half a decade, at least according to the latest report on the matter.
60% Of CEOs And MDs Push SMEs To Move To Cloud
A survey by Cloudamour found that CEOs and MDs are behind a movement that is seeing more companies move to the cloud with 81 per cent now using cloud services in some way.
A Guide To Taking Control Of Your Cloud
No matter what their organisation's definition of the cloud, users need to select infrastructure providers able to make it usable to the everyday business while addressing data sovereignty issues.
Adobe Considering "Case By Case" Basis Compensation Following Cloud Outage
If your business was seriously hit by last week’s prolonged Creative Cloud downtime, you might get some compensation from Adobe.
Affordable Unified Communications For SMEs: Cobweb's Cloud-Based Microsoft Lync
if you want to empower your company with a workflow-enhancing communications system whilst maintaining affordability, no matter the size of your company, Cobweb could provide the answer.
Alibaba Invests £640m In Cloud Computing
Alibaba is stepping up its cloud computing game with a $1 billion (£640m) investment in the technology.
All Businesses Can Consider These Five Simple IT Security Steps
Natural disasters are forecast to cost a whopping $100 billion (£66 billion) in 2014. But their cost is dwarfed by the $364 billion (£240 billion) lost to data breaches, according to Microsoft and the National University of Singapore.
Although IT Budgets Are Set To Rise, Recruitment Spending Won't
A new report from Spiceworks has revealed that businesses are spending IT budget on new tech to manage the likes of BYOD, rather than employing new staff members.
Amazon CTO Claims Cloud Must Be Focused On User Needs
A European cloud network needs to benefit users, rather than providers' needs, says Werner Vogels. Lowering the barrier of entry will lead to more experimentation.
Amazon Reveals Cloud Drive API
Amazon announced on Tuesday the launch of a public REST API platform for its Cloud Drive. This API will allow third-party developers to easily integrate Cloud Drive into their own services, thus simplifying upload, download, and manipulation of content to the cloud, and enabling developers to focus more on the app and less on storage....
Amazon Web Services Hosting Free Public Sector October Cloud Event
At its upcoming AWS Government, Education and Nonprofits Symposium, look for opportunities to get educated and do some peer networking, says the cloud giant.
Amazon Web Services Invests In Huge Solar Farm
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is about to become a lot more environmentally friendly after announcing the construction of an 80 megawatt solar farm.
Analysing EuroCloud UK's G-Cloud Manifesto
Cloud computing industry advocate EuroCloud UK has launched a seven point manifesto that calls on vendors and government to work much closer together to ensure the future success of the G-Cloud framework.
Are Smaller Firms Just Too Time Poor To Use IT Effectively?
A key part of improving performance levels is through the adoption of new technologies – but many are unable to do so because they are too busy, claims new data.

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