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2018 Could See 'Significantly Larger' HDD Drives
The first HAMR hard disk drives, to be built by storage company Seagate, will be given to select customers and used as testing devices in late 2016 or early 2017, before shipping out to other consumers, say press reports.
21% Of Consumers Admit To Never Backing Up Data
A survey by Acronis found that 65 per cent consider the data on a device to be more valuable than the device itself and only 18 per cent are taking advantage of cloud storage.
BBC Future Media Seeks Database Technology
The BBC is on the hunt for a supplier to provide it with a NoSQL database for storage and retrieval of its online content.
Box Raises $150m Before IPO Launch Later This Year
A private equity firm and hedge fund are behind the latest round of funding that includes a ratchet on Box shares when they eventually go public, which could happen after Labour Day.
Case Study: Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital Unveils New Health IT System
New IT has achieved savings of £60,000 a year in IT costs by removing the need for four maintenance contracts, plus reduced cooling and power costs by 25% at its primary data centre.
Could Public Cloud Investment Double By 2017?
451 Research thinks the proportion of spending on public cloud storage is set to double in the next two years, with on-premises storage being the biggest loser in the game.
Dropbox's Moved Off AWS Entirely, It Says
Look at Dropbox, all grown up and now using, almost entirely, its own custom-built infrastructure to hold data.
EDPS to clamp down on EU cloud providers
The European Data Protection Supervisor has issued advice on transferring data via the cloud from EU institutions to non-EU countries via the cloud and mobile devices.
ExaGrid Bags "Best Disk-Based Product For SMEs" Title
The company’s solution for SMEs was lauded by the general public and picked up an award at the London ceremony for the fourth year running.
Forget Solid State, Hard Disk And Flash: Hybrid Storage Is Perfect For Your Business
With companies now making investments in a more considered way and seeing the greatest ROI achievable, we expect hybrid storage will make tremendous gains this year.
How to back up a hard drive
It is no secret that a loss of data resulting from a hard drive crash can be frustrating and costly. For that reason, it is always wise to copy and store vital information whenever possible.
Information Will Never Be Completely Secure In Data Centres, So Encrypt it
Amlin CTO Steve O'Donnell knows enterprise storage inside-out, and he spilled the beans when he recently popped into ITProPortal Towers.
Microsoft Cuts Azure Pricing Just Days After Amazon Slashes Its Own
Azure’s pricing has been cut across a number of different sectors with compute prices down by as much as 35 per cent and storage levies reduced by up to 65 per cent.
New 5D Data Storage Could Last 'Billions Of Years'
Scientists at the University of Southampton though may be on the brink of developing a way to store data for, shall we say, quite a long time.
New Secure CudaDrive Cloud-Based Platform Revealed
A cloud-based platform called CudaDrive was announced today. Built by Barracuda Networks, it is a platform which provides businesses with instant and secure access to company files from anywhere.
Opinion: What Self-Respecting MSP ISN'T On The Cloud Now?
For Pete Manca, Chairman, President and CEO of Egenera, it's just not an issue any more.
Questions And Considerations Vendors Must Make
Missed out on the previous parts of our Straight Talk series? Check out the introduction to data backup and deduplication.
Real-Time Storage Tiering For Real-World Workloads: The Ultimate Guide
Application servers handle all operations that take place between users and backend applications, and are mission critical to complex, transaction-based applications. Here's how to do it right.
Researchers Warn Businesses That Mobile Apps Are "Disposable"
With the rise of smartphones, mobile apps may be all the rage, but many users are pretty fickle when it comes to the software on their handset, regularly deleting programs.
Rise In Use Of 'Freemium' By UK Businesses
A survey from Ovum suggests organisations see nothing wrong in using freemium consumer cloud services in the corporate environment.

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