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18% Of SMBs Still Using Windows XP
A study carried out by Bitdefender worked out that SMBs are taking huge security risks by continuing to use the out of date operating system that no longer has Microsoft’s support.
70% Of Critical Infrastructure Firms Lose Confidential Data
A survey of almost 600 security executives from utility, oil and gas, energy and manufacturing firms found that large numbers have lost some kind of confidential information.
Although IT Budgets Are Set To Rise, Recruitment Spending Won't
A new report from Spiceworks has revealed that businesses are spending IT budget on new tech to manage the likes of BYOD, rather than employing new staff members.
Amazon Web Services Invests In Huge Solar Farm
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is about to become a lot more environmentally friendly after announcing the construction of an 80 megawatt solar farm.
Anonymous Proxies Could Prevent A Threat To Your Organisation
Charles Sweeney of Bloxx tells us why the internal threat could be the greatest factor going into the future, and why anonymous proxies could be the most dangerous force for internal threats.
ARM To Acquire Duolog Technologies
ARM has now officially acquired Duolog, the design configuration and integration tech firm that makes the Socrates platform used by the majority of top semiconductor players.
Ask The Expert: 4. What's The Future Of The Security Industry?
Security expert David Em lets us in on why the new landscape of privacy violation by government agencies could mean a fragmentation of the Internet, and the implications that would have.
Atos Moves Forward With Bull Takeover
IT firm Atos has taken the next step in acquiring fellow French company Bull, filing a draft public offer with French authorities.
AWS Claims Cloud Computing Is "New Normal" For Enterprises
Cloud computing is growing at such a pace that it is becoming the “new normal” with businesses and enterprises turning to it without giving a second thought to on-premise offerings. Read more: Demystifying cloud computing jargon: A guide to understanding the future of IT infrastructure Amazon Web Services [AWS], one of the world’s largest cloud...
Banks Set To Increase IT Spend
The UK financial sector is set to increase its IT spend in 2014, with a third of firms in the industry stating this as their intention in a new survey.
BBC Appoints New CTO
Looking to put the dismissal of former CTO John Linwood behind them, the BBC today announced the appointment of Matthew Postgate to the role, who leaves his position as controller of R&D.
Beating The Three Greatest Insider Threats To Your Organisations
In 2014 alone, IDC research estimates that enterprises will suffer £188 billion losses caused by cybercriminal activity from around the globe. Here's how to beat the biggest causes.
Big Data Needs “Data-Centric Security Focus”
Research firm Gartner has called upon organisations to “avoid security chaos” by including all data in security policies.
Birmingham City University Completes Ambitious IT Overhaul
International IT and managed services provider Logicalis has today announced its multi-million pound refresh of Birmingham City University’s tech infrastructure is complete.
BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Tops Cost Effectiveness Charts
The company’s cross platform solution was rated highest by the Strategic Analytics survey across a number of different categories and reserved particular praise for its all-inclusive nature.
Box Heads New Group, Urges Firms To Adopt User-Centric IT Models
The group has put forward a list of five different principles that companies should follow to make sure that they are user centric going forward.
Bring Your Own App Numbers "Hugely Underestimated"
BYOA is a growing phenomenon, much like BYOD – except IT pros don’t realise the extent to which staff are using their own apps in the workplace.
Bring Your Own Internet Of Things: The Hottest New Business Trend?
As businesses get ahead of the trends and learn to maximise the benefits while effectively addressing the potential problems, they'll be well-prepared to make big strides in the coming decades.

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