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Facebook And The Battle Against European Data Collection
Facebook is about to enter a major case against “Europe” over the collection of European citizen’s data under the “PRISM” programme.
GCHQ Director Says Organisation Doesn't Have The Manpower To Spy On Everyone
Speaking a few weeks before the Snooper’s Charter is set to be pushed into Parliament, Government Communication Headquarters director general for cyber security Ciaran Martin claims reports on the power of the intelligence agency are greatly exaggerated.
NSA Wants Rule Changes For International Spying
The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) is looking to change its own rules on how it collects, stores and monitors information on people outside of the United States.
Patriot Act Expiration Will See NSA Shut Down Mass Surveillance Networks
The National Security Agency might be forced into national security letters and executive orders to take information from Americans in the future, following the expiration of several central portions of the Patriot Act.
US Court Rules NSA Phone Record Collection As Illegal
The National Security Agency’s mass collection of phone records has been deemed illegal by a federal appeals court.

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