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ABI Research forecasts 40 per cent growth in biometrics by 2021
ABI Research claims that the latest security trends driving the global biometrics industry will result in a market worth more than $30 billion by 2021, which would be an increase of around 118 per cent from 2015. [see_also] The market demand for biometric sensors in consumer electronics, particularly smartphones, is a result of increasing consumer’s security...
APIs – What Are They, Why Are They Gaining Attention?
‘APIs’ are Application Programming Interfaces. In brief, APIs allow two different pieces of software to interact with one another, and although the concept is far from new – launched by Salesforce in 2000 – they have hit their stride in the financial sector and are quickly emerging as one of the key enablers of competition and innovation in banking.
Are You A Banking 'Desktop Dad' Or A 'Mobile Mum'?
Banking company Halifax has released its findings on the different demographics and their use of devices to check and manage their finances.
Banking Industry Hit By Criticism After Number Of Data Breaches Reported To ICO
According to Egress Software Technologies, there has been a huge rise in reported data breach investigations in the banking industry.
Banks Must Be More Agile If They Are To Keep Up With Tech City Startups
Closer collaboration between Silicon Roundabout’s technology startups and the banking sector is set to occur, according to a new report by Accenture.
Barclays Becomes First To Offer Face-to-Face Video Banking
Barclays has become the first bank in the UK to offer a new, secure face-to-face video banking service allowing customers to bank wherever they are.
Capita Banking Error Sees Rent Payments Fail
Around 1800 rent payments wroth £385,000 to Barnet Homes, a housing association owned by the Borough Council, have failed after a banking error.
Cloud “Most Disruptive Force” For 20 Years
Cloud computing is one of the most disruptive forces in business in 20 years, according to a study by professional services firm KPMG.
Eighth Of Brits Will Switch To Digital Only Bank This Year
Around one in eight UK citizens will switch to an account with a digital-only bank this year, according to new research.
Government Investigating Benefits Of Open Data In Banking
The UK government has launched a call for evidence of the potential benefits greater data sharing and open dating could bring to the banking industry.
Is Bitcoin Coming To A Barclays ATM Near You Soon?
High St stalwart will start testing Bitcoin as it looks into the potential of the cryptocurrency for online banking, charity support and other use cases, it seems.
IT Systems Failure Sees RBS Fined £56m
Cast your mind back two years, and if you’re with RBS, you may remember that some customers were hit by technical glitches that meant they were unable to withdraw money, among other things.
Metro Bank Embraces The Cloud And Goes Paperless
Metro Bank is continuing to develop a “paperless culture,” as it embraces cloud technology and tablet devices.
Opinion: Cash Is On The Way Out
Howard Allen, CFO & Development Director at Payfriendz has his reasons to think so: but do you agree?
Opinion: Time To Untangle All That Back-End Spaghetti Banking Code...
Banks have been sailing on rough regulatory seas recently, with regulators and politicians on their case, says Madhur Jain, global head of resales, SunTec. A big part of the issue: all that legacy ICT...
Opinion: What Does Metro Bank’s IPO Say About The State Of Banking IT?
Why has this challenger bank done so well, asks Hans Tesselaar, executive director, Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN)?
RBS And NatWest Hit By Mobile App Failures
Both the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and NatWest were hit by mobile application failures lasting for two days over the weekend.

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