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British Businesses Losing £34bn Each Year To Cyber Attacks
The battle against cyber-attacks and the damage it causes costs British businesses a stunning £34 billion every year, a new survey has shown.
Large Proportion Of UK Enterprise Internal Apps Pose Security Threats
Companies in the UK are spending an average of 21 per cent less than US firms on security programmes and two thirds aren’t testing apps against key vulnerabilities.
Open Source And Third Party Bugs 'Rife In Enterprise Apps' Claim
Is it possible the vast majority of Open Source apps used for enterprise purposes are riddled with bugs and backdoors for hackers?
TfL Doubles Investment In Mobile Technology Since 2012
A Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed that Transport for London (TfL) has doubled its investment in mobile technology including tablets since 2012.
UK Police Taking Steps To Better Deal With Cybercrime
UK Police forces are taking significant steps to ensure their officers have the necessary skills to properly investigate cybercrime.

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