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Drone And Supercomputer Exports Restricted In China Over National Security Fears
The Chinese government has issued restrictions on exporting drones and supercomputers due to concerns over national security.
Drone Flights Increased By 50% By Pentagon To Meet Surveillance Demand
With the United States Air Force (USAF) suffering from pilot shortages, the Pentagon has joined the drone group with the backing of the US Army, Special Forces and approved third-party contractors who will increase drone activity by 50 per cent.
Facebook Is Bringing Free Internet To Indonesia
Facebook is pushing its free Internet service into Indonesia, making it the second Asian market to receive the limited Internet service, offering a variety bundle of international and local services including the social network and Wikipedia.
No Warrant Needed For California Police Using Drones
Privacy advocates have expressed their disappointment at the decision to veto a bill requiring the authorities to obtain a warrant before using drones for surveillance operations.
Report Warns Against Nefarious Use Of Drones
A report has highlighted the safety, security and privacy issues concerned with the increased use of drones in the UK over the next 20 years.

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