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Big Digital Skills Hub On UK Tour With VMB
Small and medium sized enterprises are the main target of the tour that is aiming to help SMEs use technology more efficiently and foster collaboration between them.
‘Go Digital Newcastle’ Predicted to Boost City’s Economy by £150m
Yesterday Newcastle launched Go Digital Newcastle, an economy boosting plan intended to turn the city into one of the UK’s first super-connected metropolises.
18% Of SMBs Still Using Windows XP
A study carried out by Bitdefender worked out that SMBs are taking huge security risks by continuing to use the out of date operating system that no longer has Microsoft’s support.
60% Of CEOs And MDs Push SMEs To Move To Cloud
A survey by Cloudamour found that CEOs and MDs are behind a movement that is seeing more companies move to the cloud with 81 per cent now using cloud services in some way.
Angry London Tech City Startups Criticise Broadband
According to startups, London’s blooming technology scene is being stifled by a frustratingly easy problem to fix: Poor Internet connection services.
Applegate wants to make procurement for SMEs a breeze
Technology service company Applegate today announced a new service, aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the UK. The new service, called Appplegate PRO, is designed to help SMEs save money and time on procurement. It will, as the company said in a press release, will help SMEs secure the most appropriate supplier ‘in...
Applying To The G-Cloud? Then We Need To Talk!
We're launching a new campaign, profiling all the great new tech SME 'contenders' trying to get a place on the Digital Marketplace. If that's you, we'd love to hear more.
Autumn Statement 2014, The Public Sector, Technology And Business
Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement 2014 began with the good news that the UK is the fastest growing economy in the G7, but it’s time to consider how these announcements will affect technology, business and the public sector.
Becrypt Joins Atos SME Harbour Programme
Government and industry security products supplier Becrypt has entered into partnership with Atos UK as part of the Atos SME Harbour Programme.
Berkshire NHS Uses G-Cloud For SaaS Solution
Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is set to use Microsoft Lync Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution after buying a contract via G-Cloud.
Best Selling British Computer? Step Forward The Low-Cost, Raspberry Pi
The Amstrad PCW was the former holder of the title, but with the upcoming release of the Raspberry Pi 3 it looks as though the Pi foundation will break the previous record.
Big Blue Has Interesting New Mid-Size Box
Today, IBM has announced a new mainframe, aiming to bring more security to mid-sized organisations, without slowing down system performance - the IBM z13s.
Both Big And Small IT Suppliers Needed In Government
Despite its drive to encourage competition among UK SMEs, the government is still keen to maintain relationships with larger suppliers.
Brit Firms Terrified Of Eroding Competitiveness
A new report entitled “Beyond Digital” from the digital experience consulting firm Infomentum offers, new insight into how UK employees feel in regard to new technologies affecting their workplaces.
Brit Retailers Pretty Good At This Social Media Malarkey
When it comes to retailers and social media, the US takes the crown, but the UK is not far behind, says social commerce network Pepper.
BT Is "Stifling" London’s Growth With "Unaffordable Broadband"
The City of London has claimed that BT's lack of high-speed broadband in the square mile is blocking the capital city's growth - an accusation that will be sure to raise hackles.
BT Offers SMEs 4G Mobile Tariffs Including Unlimited Wi-Fi
The new plans cater for a wide range of business needs, including SIM-only and data-only tariffs, and are on EE’s network.
Businesses Of All Sizes Must Work Together
The new head of UK and Ireland for technology firm Fujitsu has criticised the government’s demand for more SME involvement – claiming companies of all sizes need to “work together.”
Campaign Group Urges Government To Support “Disruptive Innovation”
The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), a group that campaigns to support UK digital startups, has called upon government to give smaller tech businesses a better chance.
City Of London Corporation Takes Broadband Rollout Into Own Hands
The City of London Corporation, an organisation that looks after the capital city on behalf of those who live, work and visit it, thinks not enough is being done to provide superfast broadband.

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