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10 Tips For Protecting Your Most Important Data
For many modern businesses, their data is their most valuable asset. However, these days it seems every morning brings news of another high profile data breach.
21% Of Consumers Admit To Never Backing Up Data
A survey by Acronis found that 65 per cent consider the data on a device to be more valuable than the device itself and only 18 per cent are taking advantage of cloud storage.
A Fifth Of Brits Never Backup Their Devices
There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who don’t backup their PCs, and those who don’t backup their PCs.
And Now It's British Gas's Turn
Or is it? User information of approximately 2,000 British Gas users were posted online recently, but the company said the information didn’t come from its systems, and that there was no breach. Hmm.
Apple And Samsung Can Trigger $3b Healthcare Revolution, Claims Juniper
A report into the sector found that Apple’s HealthKit and Samsung’s Sami will both increase uptake of healthcare accessories and that ObamaCare has the potential to help relax regulations.
Ashley Madison Hack Reveals Many Civil Servants Seeking Adulterous Fun
"If people in sensitive government positions are using government email addresses to register on such a sensitive website, then clearly it raises serious questions about their judgment," warns MP.
Aussie Government Data Requests Rise By 3,000 In Just Six Months
The latest transparency report showed that it received 39,395 requests in the six months to the end of June 2014 and this included international agency requests for data.
Bill Gates, Paul Allen And The Creation Of Microsoft
Microsoft today stands as one of the world's most important and powerful companies but, like all others, it had to start somewhere. Here's how a pair of geeky university dropouts came good.
Brussels Unhappy Again With Google's Data Policies
A new case could begin as early as November - and the EU has already sent out questionnaires to companies that have worked with Google on Android.
Businesses Forgetting About In-Depth Security
A new piece of research from SafeNet shows that there’s a priority on perimeter security, at the expense of important measures such as data encryption.
Businesses Vulnerable Due To Sloppy Smartphone Care
Research by Imation finds 44% of organisations believe a member of their senior management has lost a mobile device in the last year, and 39% think someone in senior management had a device stolen.
Case Study: Analytics Enhances Employee Case Management At Western Sussex
Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is using a new employee relations service for its case management, helping it to better analyse its case load for trends and increase efficiencies in the delivery of employee relations to its staff.
Clock's Ticking For Safe Harbour Rescue Efforts
European privacy regulators plan to take matters into their own hands inside three months if no back up comes forward, reports Reuters.
Consumers Losing Patience With Mobile Operators
Consumers trust mobile operators and brands even less than they did three years ago, a new survey commissioned by Syniverse shows.
CoreThree CEO Reveals 2015 Mobile Predictions
It’s that time of year when predictions for the forthcoming year will start coming thick and fast, with businesses everywhere hoping to catch the wave of whatever big tech trend is on the horizon.
Could Big Data End Our Drought Problems?
Globally, people are beginning to realise they can’t continue using resources, especially water, with such abandon as they have in the past. But could big data solve our problems in the future?
Data Analytics - Wassat? Say UK Grads
And according to new research from Tableau Software, 60% of UK graduates are not convinced they need to know about that number-y stuff.
Data Breaches Set To Cost £13 Trillion By 2019
People are using more technology in their lives every day, and as good as that may sound, it also means that any data breach will be very expensive.
Data Migration's A Huge Hidden Issue For Global Business
Vision Solutions gathered responses from more than 2,000 CTOs, CIOs and other IT leaders all around the world, from North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa - and the results are pretty scary.
Data Reveals Police Procurement Must Improve
The amount of money Police forces across the UK are spending on various items varies wildly from force to force, a new study suggests.

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