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A Special London 'Loft' To Boost Coder Interest In Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services is making a big push here, with this new facility so close to 'Silicon Roundabout.'
Big Digital Skills Hub On UK Tour With VMB
Small and medium sized enterprises are the main target of the tour that is aiming to help SMEs use technology more efficiently and foster collaboration between them.
"Abysmal" EU Cloud Adoption Dates Revealed
  The growth in high-speed internet connectivity across Europe, the increasing adoption of cloud services, the consumerisation of IT and the move towards mobile working are trends that, in theory, play to the strengths of SMBs.
"Amazon Is Our Biggest Search Competitor" Says Google Chairman
Eric Schmidt gave a speech in Berlin where he explained that a “Google killer” is an inevitability and that it will come from where they least expect it.
"Brits Are Ruthless When It Comes To Technology" Says Study
Us Brits are renowned for our superior levels of patience and tolerance, but new research from Delphix suggests that this doesn't transfer to the digital world.
"Could Trying To Fix Heartbleed Slow Down The Internet?" Experts Worry
The sheer number of sites attempting to revoke and reissue their security certificates following the reveal of Heartbleed could have an effect on the speed of browsers, say analysts.
"Digital Businesses Need Bimodal IT To Succeed" Say Analysts
Industry analysts at Gartner have emphasised the importance of CIOs taking a bimodal approach to strike a balance between fluid innovation and stability. Rather than resisting change, organisations need to adapt to ensure that the continuous disruptions facing their business are turned into new opportunities. Read more: EMC survey finds 73% worried about keeping pace with...
"Embrace The Virtues Of The Internet" Says Iran President To Clerics
Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, extolled the virtues of the Internet in a state speech on Monday. Rouhani's embracing of high-speed Internet has faced much opposition from political adversaries.
"Ensure A Bright Digital Future" Says Tech UK To Government
TechUK has just published “Securing our Digital Future” - a manifesto for ensuring technology drives the UK economy forward.
"Let Users Decide Over Data" Says Germany To Google
A privacy watchdog for Hamburg, who was speaking on behalf of the entire country, has ruled that Google needs to allow users further control of how data is aggregated.
"Life Changing" Technology Revealed By Stephen Hawking, Swiftkey And Intel
California chip making giant Intel, British software developers SwiftKey, and Professor Stephen Hawking were in London today unveiling a new communications platform that will help ease communications for disabled people around the world.
"Nothing Is Off The Table" Warns Microsoft CEO
Satya Nadella wrote to all members of staff about a shift in company culture that goes to the very root of his plan to create a mobile-first, cloud-first firm.
"Open Innovation" In UKTI Robotics Mission
The Robotics and Autonomous Systems Mission 2014 took eight UK startups out to Silicon Valley. ITPP went along and mulled over the open innovation process.
"Smartest" Home Security Device Can Detect Intruders Behind Closed Doors
The new home security product is able to detect unusual events all over the house, using machine learning and low frequency sound waves undetectable to human ears.
"The Problem Is, Trust Is Invisible. It's Something We Can't Check On"
Security and data-mining expert Kreshnik Musaraj of Thales spoke about the importance of trust in mobility services. He told a packed hall about the use case of mobility services in France.
"Today, Even Small Businesses Have To Face Truly Global Problems": EU Trust In The Digital World Summit Opens In Vienna
The second annual Trust in the Digital World conference has got off to an impressive start, bringing in leaders from industry, government and digital identity to tackle the problems of the new age.
"We Don't Need The Internet" Says FCC Commissioner
The sole purpose of the Federal Communications Commission is to regulate cable, satellite, radio, television, wired and wireless communications.
"We're Completely Lost Without Internet Access" Say Young People
Can you function without an internet connection? We’d hope so, but another study has emerged which has shown that young folks find net connectivity and smartphones are just as important as fresh air to breathe.
$400m Anti-Poaching Settlement Agreed In Silicon Valley Court
A number of tech companies accused of illegally trying to block staff moving to rivals have settled with the California legal system.
£25BN Ain't No Big Deal Anymore, Investors Tell Amazon
Wall St unimpressed with commerce giant's largest quarterly profit ever.

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