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Big Digital Skills Hub On UK Tour With VMB
Small and medium sized enterprises are the main target of the tour that is aiming to help SMEs use technology more efficiently and foster collaboration between them.
"Banning Tor Is Not Acceptable" Claims UK Parliament
The UK Parliament has issued a report that argues that the banning of anonymity systems like the Tor network is “not an acceptable policy option.”
"Brits Are Ruthless When It Comes To Technology" Says Study
Us Brits are renowned for our superior levels of patience and tolerance, but new research from Delphix suggests that this doesn't transfer to the digital world.
"Ensure A Bright Digital Future" Says Tech UK To Government
TechUK has just published “Securing our Digital Future” - a manifesto for ensuring technology drives the UK economy forward.
“UK Most At Risk From Cyber Attack” Claims Report
The UK has topped the list of countries most under threat from cyber-attack, followed by Germany in second place and Saudi Arabia in third.
£35m Green Tech Prize Dangled In Front Of UK Cities
Government announces special new fund to boost green initiatives - the Go Ultra Low Cities scheme.
'12 Million' Of Us Lacking Digital Survival Skills, Claims Study
Go.On UK, a charity set up to promote digital skills, raises spectre of huge and on-going 'digital divide.'
150 London Underground Stations Gain Wi-Fi Access
Virgin Media has today announced the addition of six more stations across the capital, bringing the service that it launched two years ago up to the landmark figure.
5% Uptick For UK IT Wages Last Year
Salaries for IT professionals jumped that high, with day rates also jumping three per cent year-on-year, says a news study.
6.4 Million UK Adults Have Never Used The Internet
New figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that just 13 per cent of the UK population’s adults have never gone online.
73% Of Chinese Pro Wearable; Only 27% Of Brits
The UK is behind the curve when it comes to the adoption of wearable technology - both at home and at work, according to a new survey.
8 UK rural broadband projects win share of £10m
The government has committed to a range of pilot projects in all corners of the country that will help to bring broadband to hard to reach areas.
A Fifth Of Brits Never Backup Their Devices
There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who don’t backup their PCs, and those who don’t backup their PCs.
A Million Countryside Users 'Shut Out' Of Broadband Britain
Remote areas in upper Scotland, Wales and some rural areas in England are kept out of the Internet due to poor broadband speed and consistency, confirms new report.
A Round-Up Of The General Election 2015 Manifestos
It’s general election time and the chance for the UK’s main political parties to convince the general public that they’re worth voting for.
Accenture Wins Major Police Outsourcing Contract
Management consulting services company Accenture has been selected to manage applications for the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), the company announced on Monday.
Android Pay For MasterCard UK Owners
Google is bringing Android Pay to the UK market, and consumers sporting a MasterCard card will be among the first ones to try out the new feature.
Another 18 UK Towns Get 4G LTE With EE
The network now covers 281 cities and towns across the country, with 75 per cent of the UK’s population under EE’s 4G umbrella.
Apple Goes On Record To Protest Against GCHQ Spying Plans
The American tech company Apple has called for the British government to change the investigatory powers bill, also known as the Snooper’s Charter.
Are IT Professionals Leaping Ahead In The Salary Stakes?
If you want to earn more money than your friends, consider a career in tech, with median gross annual earnings for tech specialists in 2014 were £36,600 - 35% above what other careers bring in.

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