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4G Over Twice As Fast As 3G Mobile Broadband Speeds, Says Ofcom
Ofcom has published some new research into mobile surfing speeds, in its first look at the mobile landscape since the 4G auction and subsequent super-fast rollouts across the UK.
Another 18 UK Towns Get 4G LTE With EE
The network now covers 281 cities and towns across the country, with 75 per cent of the UK’s population under EE’s 4G umbrella.
Average UK 4G Speed Is Under 15Mbps
The average 4G speed in the UK is now 14.7Mbps, according to a new research by Ofcom.
BT In Telefonica Talks To Acquire O2
BT has confirmed that it is in talks with O2 and one other UK mobile network operator to acquire the services required to enable it to eventually launch its own branded network.
BT Offers SMEs 4G Mobile Tariffs Including Unlimited Wi-Fi
The new plans cater for a wide range of business needs, including SIM-only and data-only tariffs, and are on EE’s network.
BT To Launch "Competitively Priced" 4G Network This Week
BT is about to launch its own 4G service, as the telecoms giant steps fully back into the mobile arena, with plans to aggressively price deals to enable it to steal turf from rival network operators.
BT To Purchase O2 "Imminently"
BT is about to pounce and snap up network operator O2, and the telecoms giant is expected to make an announcement before the week is out.
China Invests Billions To Improve Internet Speeds
China is set to invest $182 billion (£117 billion) to improve the country’s Internet speeds by 2017, as the national government looks to bolster its service industry.
EE, Vodafone, O2 Fight To Become London's Fastest Mobile Broadband Provider
In the latest study of Mobile Broadband carried out by RootMetrics where they compare the best mobile broadband providers, EE reached the top of the list.
Global Wi-Fi Hotspot Numbers To Dramatically Increase Over Next Four Years
According to a new study, the number of public Wi-Fi hotspots is set to increase from 47.7 million currently to more than 340 million in 2018, driven by the growth of community hotspots.
Half Of UK Has Mobile Blackspot At Home
New research from Global Wireless Solutions has shown the state of wireless connectivity in homes across the UK.
London Commuters Least Impressed With O2 For Mobile Signal
O2 might have come off worst – using half-rate codecs for a third of its calls, no less – but the overall picture wasn’t rosy, either.
LTE Users Up To A Billion Now
LTE networks are growing in popularity, a new report by 4G-Reports suggests.
Ministry of Defence Spare Spectrum Set For Early '16 4G Auction
Ofcom has revealed the rough timeframe for when the next bit of capacity will be auctioned off to help boost mobile broadband bandwidth in the UK. Launches 4G LTE Checker
So you want to know what the best mobile network in your area is, particularly with regard to 4G, if indeed the service has rolled out near you? Well, you’re in luck because a new resource has gone live on the web, namely a fresh coverage checker from which uses data collected by OpenSignal...
Ofcom Sets Out To Boost Mobile Internet Speeds By Holding new 4G Spectrum Auction
UK communications regulator Ofcom will auction two bands in late 2015, or early 2016. This should give carriers like O2, BT and Three the chance to compete with EE.
Ofcom To Open Up Frequencies For Mobile Broadband
Ofcom has announced it will soon make more frequencies available to mobile broadband, resulting in increased speeds and a cheaper service.
Ofcom Will Offer MOD Spectrum To Network Operators For 4G
Ofcom has announced plans to auction new slabs of spectrum which are currently being used by the Ministry of Defence.
Over Three Billion People To Access Internet By 2015
More than three billion people will have Internet access by next year, according to a new study.
Scientists Claim Analogue TV Frequencies Can Be Used For "Super Wi-Fi"
Outdated analogue TV frequencies should be used to create new space for “super Wi-Fi” that would boost the world’s economy and take the strain off overloaded mobile networks even though worries persist over how workable they are.

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