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'12 Million' Of Us Lacking Digital Survival Skills, Claims Study
Go.On UK, a charity set up to promote digital skills, raises spectre of huge and on-going 'digital divide.'
BETT Show: UK Teachers To Be Helped Skill Up In ICT
Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan outlines a slew of IT-friendly initiatives, including help from firms like Google and O2.
Data Analytics - Wassat? Say UK Grads
And according to new research from Tableau Software, 60% of UK graduates are not convinced they need to know about that number-y stuff.
Demand for Linux Skills Shows Sharp 2014 Rise
77% of hiring managers have “hiring Linux talent” on their list of priorities for 2014 - up from 70 a year ago.
Hmm - Maybe Millennials Ain't That IT Savvy After All?
A new survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Capgemini UK finds 47% of senior decision makers believe those aged 16-25 need to develop a ‘stronger foundation in digital skills’.
Is A Growing Digital Skills Gap Holding Back The UK?
New research into the UK’s digital industry by the British Interactive Media Association says 'yes.'
Lack Of IT Skills Holding The UK Back
The digital business is blooming worldwide, and Britain is at risk of falling behind due to a dearth of IT skills.
Opinion: Are We Heading For A Tech Talent 'Perfect Storm'?
For Bart Kuyper, managing partner at Daxx, tech business owners need to tackle their talent acquisition problems now.
SMEs Offered Help By New Google Skills Portal
Digital Garage Academy will provide tutorials across a range of subjects, including analytics, marketing and social media skills.
Workers Struggling To Keep Up With Tech
According to Pw'Cs 19th Annual Global CEO Survey, new technologies are creating great new opportunities for business growth, but the lack of tech savvy workers is what concerns CEOs.
Yet More Government Projects Given Red Warning Flags
The National Audit Office has issued the stark warning that one third of major government projects due to be delivered by 2021 are on course to fail - a shocking 37 of the 106 projects scheduled.

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