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Broadband Is Major Factor In Successful Start-Ups
Broadband is central to almost all businesses in the UK and choosing the right ISP can become a major factor in a successful start up.
Eventbrite Reveals Seven Tips For Startup Success
Why do only approx 20 per cent of companies succeed is a question asked by many in the start-up and SME space. Founders of a billion dollar company, Eventbrite share their tips for success.
Financial Sector "Draining UK Entrepreneurial Talent"
ITProPortal spoke to Russell Hall, co-founder of the astoundingly successful Hailo app, about what the government has been doing to help startups, and why that hasn't always been the case.
Google launches Future Founders in the UK to inspire teens
According to a new survey commissioned by Google, British teenagers have little interest in starting their own companies and believe they will likely work for well-established companies when they enter the workforce. The survey was based around statistics gathered by YouGov and highlights a lack of entrepreneurial spirit amongst teenagers in Britain. The Internet-based market...
'Growth Builder' Programme To Help UK SMEs
“British start-ups are doing a great job, but more can be done to help them scale to become global and industry-leading success stories,” say the people behind the project.
Opinion: Is FinTech This Year's 'Dot Com Bubble'?
Mike Laven, CEO at Currency Cloud, says it's great that this is valued at $12.4bn. He just wonders how long it can last.
Opinion: The Reality Of The London Tech SME Funding Dance
For one such CEO, Intent HQ's Jonathan Lakin, it's best to focus on what really matters. Read his opinion article to find out more.
Opinion: Would 'Brexit' Break UK Tech?
With the UK’s EU referendum less than four months away, the UK’s thriving economy of fast-growth, tech, and digital business are weighing up the pros and cons of leaving the EU and what a Brexit would mean for the sector.
Top Tips For Starting A Tech Business
Starting a business is the dream for anyone with a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, but turning dreams into reality is never easy. Are there any practical steps to help?
UK Start-Ups Boosted By Cloud
Everyone is talking about how cloud computing can bring significant benefits to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
Virgin Media Sets Out To Improve Broadband For Small Businesses In Tech City
Virgin Media Business has announced new plans to create fibre optic speeds in a new start-up hotspot in East London named ‘Tech City’, where several small technology business are set-up.

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