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Alibaba Predicted $26bn IPO “Biggest Ever”
E-commerce firm Alibaba’s upcoming public listing has been predicted to be worth $26bn (£15.28bn) by investment researchers Morningstar.
Dealing With Threats To e-Commerce Websites
The majority of website attacks against SMEs remain undetected because of the high level of sophistication of these attacks, as well as the low level of security awareness among the victims.
Mobile Transaction Users To Hit Two Billion By 2017
It is expected that just over two billion mobile phone or tablet users will make some form of mobile commerce transaction by the end of 2017.
PayPal Spin-Off Coming At Price Of eBay Jobs, It Seems
The company confirms yesterday it will be reducing its workforce by seven per cent in the build up to spinning off its e-commerce partner.
UK Entrepreneur Takes On American-Dominated Market
A British start-up is set to take on giants such as Amazon and Google in the primarily American-dominated sector of online payment technology.

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