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"Embrace The Virtues Of The Internet" Says Iran President To Clerics
Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, extolled the virtues of the Internet in a state speech on Monday. Rouhani's embracing of high-speed Internet has faced much opposition from political adversaries.
"Ensure A Bright Digital Future" Says Tech UK To Government
TechUK has just published “Securing our Digital Future” - a manifesto for ensuring technology drives the UK economy forward.
"Let Users Decide Over Data" Says Germany To Google
A privacy watchdog for Hamburg, who was speaking on behalf of the entire country, has ruled that Google needs to allow users further control of how data is aggregated.
‘SWITCH’ – A Programme For Change
As people increasingly use the internet to shop and bank, it’s no surprise there is a growing appetite for online Council services too.
“Apply For Broadband Grants Before It’s Too Late” Urges Vaizey
Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey has urged businesses to apply for £3000 broadband grants before it’s too late.
“At Least Half” Of Police Calls Originate From Social Media
Upwards of 50% of calls delivered to front-line Police officers are said to have originated from complaints relating to social media.
“Differences Across Country” In Superfast Broadband Rollout
A recent report by communications regulator Ofcom has found that although superfast broadband is on the rise in the UK, the rollout is uneven across the country.
“Digital Delivery Centre” Opens In Newcastle
HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) opened a new digital delivery facility in Newcastle earlier this week.
“Economy-Boosting” Digital Catapult Centre Launched
November 5th 2014 will see the launch of the Digital Catapult Centre, a hub intended to increase and advance digital ideas in the UK.
“Extended Testing” Hits E-Referrals
The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) is set to begin extended testing of the new NHS e-Referral Service, a system that will replace the retired Choose and Book programme.
“Get Up To Speed With The EU” Says Lord Erroll
The Earl Of Erroll, Independent Crossbench Peer at the House of Lords, has urged the public sector to take note of changing EU laws surrounding online business.
“Lack Of Detail” In Broadband Maps Criticised
The UK government and telecommunications giant BT have been criticised for the rollout of broadband across more rural areas in Britain.
“Report An Immigration Crime” Tool Not Live
The UK Border Force has had a request to have its “Report an Immigration or Smuggling Crime” project to be branded as “live digital by default” rejected.
“Significant Risk” To Scottish CAP Programme
A recent Holyrood Public Audit Committee hearing has heard that there is “significant” risk to the Scottish Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Futures programme.
“Smart Vision” Is Needed In CIOs, Says Socitm
CIOs and ICT heads must develop a “smart vision” for their cities, region or other local area, claims public ICT representative body Socitm.
“Snooper’s Bill” Clears Parliament
The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill, otherwise known as the Snooper’s Bill or Charter, has been successfully rushed through Parliament.
“The Public Sector Needs Digital First, Not Digital Only”
The UK government risks alienating the population if it takes a “digital only” approach rather than a “digital first” approach.
“We Build Digital By Default Services, Not Websites” Says GDS
The Government Digital Service (GDS) has claimed that although it doesn’t have to be part of the formal digital by default assessment process, it has opted to do so anyway.
£250m Government Pot To Take Superfast Broadband Round The UK
An extra £250m of government funding has been added to the £1.2m already invested in ensuring 95% of UK homes and businesses will have access to superfast broadband by 2017.
£35m Green Tech Prize Dangled In Front Of UK Cities
Government announces special new fund to boost green initiatives - the Go Ultra Low Cities scheme.

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