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“Lack Of Detail” In Broadband Maps Criticised
The UK government and telecommunications giant BT have been criticised for the rollout of broadband across more rural areas in Britain.
A Million Countryside Users 'Shut Out' Of Broadband Britain
Remote areas in upper Scotland, Wales and some rural areas in England are kept out of the Internet due to poor broadband speed and consistency, confirms new report.
Access To Technology Remains An Issue For The Disabled Community
It is widely accepted that technology has the power to transform lives, which for the biggest minority group in the world – those with disabilities – means a profound potential transformation.
Average UK 4G Speed Is Under 15Mbps
The average 4G speed in the UK is now 14.7Mbps, according to a new research by Ofcom.
BDUK Reaches Isle Of Wight
Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), a government project to supply 95% of the UK with superfast broadband by 2017, has reached the Isle of Wight.
Broadband Isn't Fast Enough For Browsing, Say A Third Of Rural Residents
And plenty of folks are unhappy with the monopoly BT has been given when it comes to delivering broadband out to the sticks.
Brussels Inks Big Service Deal With BT
Under two new contracts, BT is set to bring both public and private cloud to 52 major EU institutions including the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Defence Agency.
BT And Microsoft Buddy Up In "Seamless" Azure Connections Deal
BT and Microsoft have come together to offer consumers a secure bypass through the public Internet to Microsoft's Azure cloud service - offering increased stability and security.
BT And Nationwide In £216m IT Deal
BT has announced that it has penned a new six-year contract with the building society for the provision of network infrastructure that will support tits digital transformation strategy.
BT And Unify Agreement Provides Unified Communications Across Europe
Companies in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany can benefit from the solution, with the UK roll out focused on the government and healthcare sectors.
BT Claims Broadband Success With 3 Million Fibre Customers
BT published its financial results for Q4 and the full year running up to the end of March – with revenue for the year dipping 2 per cent to £17.8 billion – and the company also laid out a number of facts and figures concerning its broadband rollout.
BT Claims EE Acquisition Will Result In Lower Wireless Prices
BT Group has outlined its planned acquisition of EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) for £12.5 billion to investors earlier this week, claiming that the acquisition would drop mobile prices.
BT Cornwall Fined After Failing Council
BT Cornwall has been fined of £100,000 following reports that the state of IT delivery at Cornwall Council had been “generally downward” since the telecoms provider took over.
BT Creating More Than 1000 IT And Technology Apprenticeship
More than 1000 apprenticeship and graduate jobs in IT, technology, research and engineering are being made by UK telecoms giant BT.
BT Criticised For Inflated Rural Broadband Costs
BT has been heavily criticised for “vastly overestimating” its rural broadband costs by more than £90 million.
BT Customer Satisfaction Hits New Low
BT has taken the title for worst customer service out of the four major broadband providers in the UK.
BT Edges Vodafone Out Of Prize BBC Deal
The BBC has dumped Vodafone in favour of the more “flexible and efficient” BT for the delivery of its broadcast network over the next 7 years, supplying its entire video, audio, data, telephone and broadband services and linking all of its UK sites and radio stations.
BT Ends EE/O2 Acquisition Speculation
After much speculation, it looks like we finally have a decision on the EE/O2 saga.
BT Fails To Cater For Hearing Impaired Customers, Fined £800k
BT has been fined almost £1 million after being found guilty of failing to provide an adequate service for individuals with hearing and speech difficulties.
BT Trials To Bring Super Speed Broadband To UK
BT has announced that it will begin trialling technology in the UK this summer, the system it hopes will transform the country’s superfast broadband into ultrafast.

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