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“UK Most At Risk From Cyber Attack” Claims Report
The UK has topped the list of countries most under threat from cyber-attack, followed by Germany in second place and Saudi Arabia in third.
All Businesses Can Consider These Five Simple IT Security Steps
Natural disasters are forecast to cost a whopping $100 billion (£66 billion) in 2014. But their cost is dwarfed by the $364 billion (£240 billion) lost to data breaches, according to Microsoft and the National University of Singapore.
Blackout In Turkey Sparks Cyber Attack Fears
Iran is now believed to be responsible for the blackout that, on 31 March, plunged over 40 million people into darkness in Turkey for over 12 hours.
Cyber Attack Hits London Computer Centre
The University of London’s Computing Centre was hit by a major cyber-attack yesterday, leaving millions of students unable to access online learning resources.
Cyber Insurance Isn't An Excuse For No Cyber Security
The surge in cyber insurance uptake underlines the attention cyber risk is now getting in the Boardroom and a greater understanding of cyber security issues across British industry.
Cyber-Security Not A Sector Of Much Appeal To Gen Z
Those 800,000 IT security experts Europe will be missing by 2020 may not be that that easy to find, as a new study suggests millennials are not really crazy about a career in the field after all.
David Cameron To Fight Internet’s ‘Unseen Enemies’ With £800m
The money is to be spent on new intelligence and surveillance equipment that gives the country's defence forces a better chance of repelling cyber attacks.
DDoS Attacks Wreak Havok On UK Businesses, With Daily Costs Spiralling To £240k
A new survey has shown that DDoS attacks are having a disastrous effect on UK businesses with upwards of a third estimating that losses have hit £240,000 per day.
DDoS Up 85% Q4 Of 2015, Says Shock New Study
A new report from the internet security firm Versign shows that Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have increased in size, scope, and frequency.
Experts Respond To Railway Hacking Risk
Following the news that digital upgrades are placing the UK’s rail network at risk from hacking, a number of security experts have commented on the issue.
Fearing “Huge Attack” From Palestinian Hacktivists, Israel Bans International Data From Government Sites
Intelligence led to the decision that was accompanied by advice to government workers to avoid opening any emails that are sent from outside of the country’s borders.
Half Of Businesses Lack Needed Security Intelligence
According to a new study, 54% of businesses lack the knowledge and intelligence required to protect against possible cyberattacks.
Healthcare Industry On Notice After Anthem And Premera Data Breaches
Recent headlines have put the healthcare industry in the spotlight, and have many asking if current security best practices are enough.
Is a BYOD ban the best way to avoid cyber-attacks?
Following the news that GCHQ advised firms to consider stripping staff of smartphones to avoid cyber-attacks, George Anderson, Director at Webroot, offered his thoughts: [see_also] “The high-profile breaches that have taken place over the past few months highlight the different methods attackers can use to gain access to a network. Although employees can be seen...
Largest Cyber Attack In History Hits Pro-Hong Kong Websites
Websites supporting the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong have been hit with what is being described as one of the largest cyber attacks ever recorded.
National Power Grids Targeted By Cyber Terrorists
An analysis of federal energy records has revealed that parts of the US power grid are attacked online or in person every few days.
NCA Warns Computer Users Against Cyber Threat
An alert from the NCA explains that members of the public need to update security software and check operating systems are up to date to prevent the attack.
Oil Industry Targeted In Cyber Attack
It’s not only rich investors and governments who are interested in oil, you know – cybercriminals also have their beady eyes on the industry built around the black stuff.
Polish Airline Grounded After Cyber Attack
Ten flights were cancelled yesterday, and another 12 delayed, after a cyber-attack forced Poland’s national airline LOT to take action.
Predict Cyber Attacks Before They Happen With MasterCard SafetyNet
Banks and payment processors are set to benefit from the solution that works in tandem with banking security software to weed out cyber attackers before they cause trouble.

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