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EU Partners Up With Japan To Develop 5G Connectivity
5G online connectivity could be coming sooner rather than later after the European Union and Japan agreed to collaborate on developing the technology.
Google's New Undersea Cable Could Deliver Fastest Broadband
A new underwater cable aims to provide broadband speeds of 60 Terabytes per second.
Japan Brought Under US Cyber Defence Umbrella
The same day when Japan’s pension system got hacked and 1.25 million cases of personal data leaked, the US and Japan’s governments issued a joint statement, saying the US will bring Japan under its cyber defence umbrella.
Japan Leaps Ahead In 5G Race
NTT DoCoMo and telecom company Huawei have jointly field tested 5G connectivity and have achieved a peak speed of 3.6Gbps, say press reports.
Japan Set To Tempt Tourists To Mount Fuji With Wi-Fi
Travelling to peaceful locations normally means removing yourself from technology, but Japan is embracing the new desire to use mobiles and laptops everywhere by adding free public WiFi on Mount Fuji.
Malware Used Windows To Attack Banks
The Software Restriction Policies feature that is a part of Windows has been used by a piece of malware to dampen the effect that many antivirus programs have.
Millions Of Data Leaked In Japan Pension System Hack
Japan’s pension system has been hacked and more than a million cases of personal data leaked, Reuters quotes authorities saying on Monday.
WikiLeaks Reveals NSA Was Spying On Japanese PM
WikiLeaks, the whistleblowing organisation recently revealed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) was actively spying on some of Japan’s high-profile citizens, including the current Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe.

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