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Best Selling British Computer? Step Forward The Low-Cost, Raspberry Pi
The Amstrad PCW was the former holder of the title, but with the upcoming release of the Raspberry Pi 3 it looks as though the Pi foundation will break the previous record.
Internet of Things Startup Reaches Funding Goal In 3 Days
Have you ever wanted to build gadgets around your house that take advantage of the Internet of things? Well one startup a hair’s breadth from completing their $50,000 funding goal has the answer.
Qualcomm Grabs CSR For £1.6bn
Qualcomm has made a major acquisition in the form of chip maker CSR, a firm which will help its strategic goals in terms of the IoT and in-car tech.
Turns Out There's A Possible Rival To Wi-Fi In The Works
Dr Kevin Curran, senior member, IEEE, has a fascinating insight from the future for us.
US Military Expresses Concerns About Cars "Becoming Remote Tanks"
The US military is preparing to wage war on car crime with the specific remit to develop a plan with manufacturers that prevents hackers stealing cars and one day turning them into weapons.
Wearable Tech Too Easy To Track, Claims Research
Researchers at Symantec have been able to intercept data broadcast from wearable gadgets using hardware worth just £40, as a report says developers must do more to protect user privacy.

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