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‘Go Digital Newcastle’ Predicted to Boost City’s Economy by £150m
Yesterday Newcastle launched Go Digital Newcastle, an economy boosting plan intended to turn the city into one of the UK’s first super-connected metropolises.
Biggest Security Threat To The Cloud Is Employees
Staff members present the biggest security risk to a company, and the most likely weak point when it comes to data in the cloud.
Britain's Tech SMEs One Step Ahead Of Failure Because Of Late Payment
Too many buyers of goods and services from such firms wait until the last possible minute - then claim vital information missing, says study.
Cisco's Latest Snapshot Of IT Security: The Sector Reacts
Only 45% cent of worldwide organisations are confident in their ability to fend off today's sophisticated cyber attacks - just one of the key findings from Cisco's 2016 Annual Security Report, released today.
EE To Offer New SME Friendly Mobile Service
A business mobile plan that can easily scale with your organisation as it becomes successful and expands, claims the supplier.
Google To Deliver Digital Masterclass To Newcastle SMEs
Newcastle City Council has announced Google will be delivering its Juice Bar workshop to local businesses as part of Go Digital Newcastle, the city’s scheme to become super-connected.
IT SMEs Say Government Doesn’t Listen
The government has more work to do if it is to reach its SME spending targets, according to software company Softwire’s managing director, Zoe Cunningham.
London Tech Firms Raking In Extra Cash Via Subletting
Large companies such as WeWork, The Office Group and Avanta now specialise in sizeable spaces that can be rented out to entrepreneurs and small companies as the London startup community seek solutions to the problem of scarce, expensive office space.
Microsoft Introduces New Office 365 Plans For SMEs
The firm hopes to simplify the offering for SME users and the new plans are aimed at companies consisting of up to 250 employees.
Most SMEs See Wi-Fi As Business Critical
A new piece of research shows that 75 per cent of small businesses view Wi-Fi as vital, and a definite boost to productivity.
New Office 365 Plans For SMEs Launched
Replacing the SMB packages currently available, UK businesses will now be able to choose from three plans: Office 365 Business Essentials, Business and Business Premium.
Opinion: The SME Guide To Starting Social
Small businesses are the backbone of Britain’s economy, says CEO and founder of sales automation firm ShopKeep Jason Richelson - but they need to do more to keep up on this front.
Opinion: Why You Should Care About The Digital Divide
Hilary Stephenson, managing director at digital agency Sigma, discusses digital skills, connectivity, and accessibility, and the steps we need to be taking to ensure successful digital inclusion.
Salesforce Looking To Transform Customer Experience
Customer relationship management company Salesforce today announced the release of Desk 360, a new platform aimed at improving the customer experience for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).
SMBs Must "Adapt Or Die" To Meet Technological Demands
Companies are being told to prepare for employees that will demand to work both flexibly and remotely with firms that don’t adapt likely to be left behind.
The Industries That Are High Crime Areas For Cyber Security
We recently had the chance to talk to Terence Greer-King, director for cyber security at Cisco, who gave us his insights into cyber security for business.
UK Accounting Player Sage Has New Online Offering
Company claims small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can now access the same level of comprehensive, real-time accounting information as large enterprises.
UK HMG Sets Up Security School For SMEs
The UK government is putting computer security in the spotlight by opening a Cyber Demonstration Centre for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The centre will be located in Westminster and allow firms to showcase their cyber security products. By offering high-tech facilities, including Cisco conferencing tools and remote streaming, it is hoped that smaller businesses...
UK SMEs Business Confidence Is High
SMEs in the UK are feeling the positive effects of the upturn in the economy, according to a new survey.
UK Start-Ups Boosted By Cloud
Everyone is talking about how cloud computing can bring significant benefits to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

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