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2016 Could See A Lot More Enterprise Apps, Says Red Hat
Open-source solutions provider Red Hat today announced results from a recent mobile maturity survey that revealed 90% of respondents anticipate increasing investment in mobile application development within the next 12 months.
73% Of Chinese Pro Wearable; Only 27% Of Brits
The UK is behind the curve when it comes to the adoption of wearable technology - both at home and at work, according to a new survey.
A Coming 'World War (Gen) Z'?
Ricoh claims many older employees in the UK and Ireland expect workplace tensions to increase with the arrival of a new generation of workers into their companies - an unprecedented 'fourth generation.'
Brits Tell Pollsters They LIKE Snooper's Charter
According to a new poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of, majority of us believe the government should be able to monitor mass communications when it comes to national security...
BT, TalkTalk And Vodafone Slammed For Poor Customer Support
Actually, new Which? poll has some harsh news for a lot of brands, it turns out.
CA Technologies: UK Firms Are Falling Behind In The Digital Race
Vendor publishes research that says UK companies are slow in adopting digital transformation initiatives - which is hurting their business chances.
Consumers Already Think Wearables On The Way Out
When asked to name examples of successful wearables, 69% were unable to, with 22% being able to name one (either Apple or Samsung’s smartwatches). A mere nine per cent were able to give two or more examples.
Consumers Give Big Thumbs Up To Virtual Reality
Market analyst GfK says in its new global poll that for a quarter of online consumers, the stuff's 'as good as being there'.
Cyberattacks Cost Companies £1.46m On Average
The cost of a cyberattacks to businesses has more than doubled in the past year, a new report by PWC says.
Discrepancies In NHS Data Security Views Raise Concern
A significant discrepancy between how NHS digital security is perceived and the reality, warns security firm Sophos.
Driverless Cars "Horrify" Britons
Almost half of Britons wouldn’t sit in a driverless car. Those are the results of a survey conducted by price comparison site
Employees Annoyed By Outdated Ways Of Working With Documents
A study of more than 5,000 office professionals across the US, UK, Germany, France and Australia exposes how antiquated business processes and outdated ways of working with documents are having a dramatic impact on productivity, efficiency and worker satisfaction.
Fear Of Uncertainty Holding Back UK Start-Up Culture
A vast majority of young Brits are considering starting their own business, but concerns over lack of a stable income inhibit most, suggests new study.
Half Of UK Broadband Customers Have Never Moved To Different ISP
Half of UK broadband users have never switched to an alternative Internet service provider (ISP), according to a new survey by
Is 'Digital Poverty' Killing Off Promising Startups?
According to an independent survey of UK entrepreneurs, so-called “digital poverty” was the main reasons why businesses fail.
IT Security Big Headache For One In Three SMEs
Small to medium sized businesses lack the resources they need to protect themselves against malware attacks, says new study.
IT Types Now Feel Safer In The Cloud Than On-Premise
IT professionals believe their organisation’s data is more secure in the cloud than in on-premise machines, a new survey by Evolve IP, entitled 2016 Cloud Adoption suggests.
Kids Might Bring Over £3bn Tech To School Next Week
According to a survey by price comparison site uSwitch, the average child returning to school this autumn will bring with them an average of £270 worth of technology.
Managers 'No Idea' About IT, Shock Claim
That's according to the Riverbed Global Application Performance Survey 2015, FYI.
Microsoft Claims The World Is Scared About Internet Privacy
People from around the globe believe new technologies are changing the world for the better, but are also – more than ever before – scared about internet privacy.

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