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Cisco Security Veteran Warns Against Killing Flash
Flash might be a buggy program with multiple holes in its system. Flash might also be extremely vulnerable and a potential risk to millions of users out there.
FREAK Vulnerability Patched By Microsoft
Microsoft has patched FREAK, a decade old security flaw which allowed man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks on its OS Windows.
Hacking US Electronic Voting Machines"Extremely Easy"
Electronic voting machines used for US elections between 2002 and 2014 would have been extremely easy to hack, according to reports.
Here’s why your company data is (probably) easy prey
Businesses are literally waving their sensitive data in the air, just waiting for hackers to come and snatch them. Those are basically the results of a new comprehensive report by threat protection company Varonis Systems. The company collected anonymous data during risk assessments for potential customers for a year, and has now transformed that data...
Internet Users Must Demand Both Security And Privacy
The conflict between privacy and security is a long-running one, often inflamed by global threats, but always present.
Microsoft Flags Up Serious Internet Explorer Vulnerability
The flaw hits versions of Internet Explorer 6 all the way through to IE 11, and allows for remote code execution – plus it affects those on Windows XP.
Moonpig Customers Warned Their Details Are In The Open
Moonpig has suffered another security breach, leading to user data being published online.
MSFT Offering Bigger Prizes To Help Beef Its Security
Microsoft is ramping up its security efforts, upping bounty reward payments on the defensive front - from $50,000 (£32,000) to $100,000 (£64,000).
Opinion: Have UK SMEs Put Off Cyber Protection Investment For Too Long?
For UK co-location and cloud specialist Node4's Chief Technologist Steve Nice, the bill's starting to get unacceptably high.
Security 'Now Key' In Cloud Take-Up
Rackspace polled 500 IT and business decision makers in the UK who have either been through or are planning a cloud migration project to ask what was their business driver: the answers may surprise you.
UK Firms To Be Impacted By Obama's New Cyber Laws
President Barack Obama made clear in his State of the Union address earlier this week that he intends to push through new legislation aimed at tightening corporate cyber security standards across the U.S.
Volkswagen Releases Secret Car Hacking Research
The release of a research paper detailing the security vulnerabilities in many cars, which the car maker Volkswagen has tried to suppress for two years, was published this week with just one sentence redacted.

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