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"Banning Tor Is Not Acceptable" Claims UK Parliament
The UK Parliament has issued a report that argues that the banning of anonymity systems like the Tor network is “not an acceptable policy option.”
“At Least Half” Of Police Calls Originate From Social Media
Upwards of 50% of calls delivered to front-line Police officers are said to have originated from complaints relating to social media.
Blackout In Turkey Sparks Cyber Attack Fears
Iran is now believed to be responsible for the blackout that, on 31 March, plunged over 40 million people into darkness in Turkey for over 12 hours.
Can Ex-Hackers Help UK Businesses With Cyber Security?
Ex-hackers are being targeted by UK companies to help them get ahead of the current crop of cybercriminals.
City of London Police Displays Warning Ads On Illegal Sites
It is warning customers to close the window on sites that are under investigation for breaching copyright and file sharing services form the brunt of those targeted.
FBI Offers Reward For Cyber Criminal's Head
When you’re looking for a criminal, but can’t seem to find him anywhere, what do you do?
Fearing “Huge Attack” From Palestinian Hacktivists, Israel Bans International Data From Government Sites
Intelligence led to the decision that was accompanied by advice to government workers to avoid opening any emails that are sent from outside of the country’s borders.
Fraudsters Targeted By Airline, Travel And Credit Card Industries
Global law enforcement agencies and the airline, travel and credit card industries have joined forces in a major concerted action to combat online fraud.
Hotels Are Cyber Attack Havens Claims US Secret Service
Hotel operators have been warned in a non-public advisory from the US Secret Service to be alert to the possibility of maliciously planted malware in their business centres’ PCs.
Microsoft Cracks Down On Cyber Crime
The firm obtained a court order to take control of a number of domains from No-IP that have been responsible for the spread of malware on Windows PCs across the world.
Most Cyber Fraud In London Goes Unreported
London’s Metropolitan Police force has opened up a new unit to tackle cyber fraud in the capital that it estimates is vastly under-reported even though there are thousands of cases every year.
National Crime Agency Arrests Four UK Hijackers
Four UK citizens have been arrested in a Europe-wide crackdown on computer hijacking that saw offenders remotely control computers and steal information without the user knowing.
NCA Sets Out To Help Protect UK From Cyber Threats
The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) will be working together with Police and other partners across industry and the public sector to help businesses and citizens guard against cyber crime.
Predict Cyber Attacks Before They Happen With MasterCard SafetyNet
Banks and payment processors are set to benefit from the solution that works in tandem with banking security software to weed out cyber attackers before they cause trouble.
Report Highlights Police Unprepared For Cyber Attack
Research has revealed that of the 43 Police forces in England and Wales, only three have a comprehensive plan to deal with a large-scale cyber-attack.
UK Public Divided On Cyber Security
The UK public is unsure where the balance lies between free speech and the level of involvement the government should have protecting citizens online, says new research.
US Requests Extra $5bn For Boosting Cyber Defences
The request has been made by the Department of Defence and it means that the country’s cyber operations budget will be worth 8.5 per cent of total defence spending.
Wearables, Routers And Social Media Will Be Targeted By New Breed Of UK Hackers
A report from Trend Micro has found that attacks originating from the UK will increase in the coming year and they will be far more targeted than normal cybercrime attacks.

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