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Are We Building A Workforce For Tomorrow - Or A Work 'Farce'?
Philip Peters, who heads up an organisation specialising in prepping students for workplace training, has some strong views on what's going wrong with our education system. Is he right?
Employers Do Not Value Training But IT Professionals Do
A survey by IT social community website Spiceworks has discovered that professionals in the area place high value on technology training - but employers do not share their opinion.
How Exactly Is IT Changing Healthcare?
With increased technology, the way we do healthcare is changing and becoming a lot more streamlined.
Microsoft And CAS To Train Up The Minds Of Tomorrow
Microsoft has partnered with the Computing at Schools group to provide computing training courses for teachers across the UK
Opinion: Who Says It's Your Fault Your Digitally Behind?
Kevin Young, Vice President and General Manager, EMEA at e-skills leader Skillsoft, says the onus is on the employer to sort this out.
Serco Introduces Cyber Attack Mitigation Training
Business services firm Serco has launched a new cyber-attack mitigation training programme, aimed at helping both public and private sector organisations test their security.
Training Firm Claims, Er, 'Breakthrough' With New E-learning Approach!
Electric-learning’, or e-learning for short, the technique's been framed as part of the training vendor's search tp "constantly look for new ways to help its students learn faster". Hmm.
UK SMEs Take The Brake Off Staff Training And Development
The number of employees being provided with structured personal development plans has increased, while staff are also discussing their personal development more frequently with their employer.

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