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Apple Ends Fiscal Year In Record-Breaking Style
Tim Cook's lasses and lads sold more than 10 million more - so 48 million total - iPhone units in the last quarter alone.
Askham Bryan College Selects Financial Management Software
Askham Bryan College is set to implement new finance management and integrated electronic workflow software after a period of growth which has seen turnover double in four years.
Bank Of England Plans Use Of Facebook And Google To Measure Sentiment
The Bank of England will be using sentiment from social networks and the net in general to help make decisions on when to move upwards or downwards with interest rates, and other matters.
Barclays Becomes First To Offer Face-to-Face Video Banking
Barclays has become the first bank in the UK to offer a new, secure face-to-face video banking service allowing customers to bank wherever they are.
BT Sees Dip In Q1 Revenue
BT has just revealed its latest figures for the quarter running up to the end of June, and while revenue dipped, profit was up.
Eighth Of Brits Will Switch To Digital Only Bank This Year
Around one in eight UK citizens will switch to an account with a digital-only bank this year, according to new research.
Grant Thornton Offers Local Government Advisory Practice
Auditor Grant Thornton has launched a dedicated Local Government Advisory Practice to provide consultative services to local authorities, Police bodies and fire and rescue organisations.
HP Enterprise Division Slipping 2014 Report Reveals
HP has reported its results for fiscal Q4 (running up to the end of October), and the full financial year of 2014, with the news being solid enough but slightly shaky in a couple of areas.
Opinion: Time To Untangle All That Back-End Spaghetti Banking Code...
Banks have been sailing on rough regulatory seas recently, with regulators and politicians on their case, says Madhur Jain, global head of resales, SunTec. A big part of the issue: all that legacy ICT...
Popularity Of Contactless Payments Set To Grow In 2015
Contactless payments are set to become a more popular method of forking out money from your bank account, according to the latest research on the matter.
RBS And NatWest Hit By Mobile App Failures
Both the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and NatWest were hit by mobile application failures lasting for two days over the weekend.
UK Consumers Unaware Of How Call Centres Handle Their Financial Details
Almost all UK consumers have no idea what happens to any financial information they give over to call centre personnel over the phone, according to the latest survey to be commissioned by

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