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“UK Most At Risk From Cyber Attack” Claims Report
The UK has topped the list of countries most under threat from cyber-attack, followed by Germany in second place and Saudi Arabia in third.
2015: Five Security Trends To Worry About And Five Not To
“As security professionals we spend a lot of our time looking for trouble and expecting the worst and in 2014, there were lots of vulnerabilities and threats.
70% Of Critical Infrastructure Firms Lose Confidential Data
A survey of almost 600 security executives from utility, oil and gas, energy and manufacturing firms found that large numbers have lost some kind of confidential information.
An Industry Analysis Of The White House Computer Breach
Following today’s news that Russian hackers managed to breach part of the White House computer system, various industry experts offered their thoughts on the incident.
AnonCoders Declares “Cyber War” On Israeli Government
Following on from today’s news that hacking group AnonCoders carried out a mass hack-attack on over 100 websites, the group has contacted us with a new announcement.
APM Warns Cyber Insurance Is Good, But No Security Replacement
Cyber insurance has become a big deal in the UK, but it’s no substitute for good cyber security.
Backup, Disaster Recovery Just As Important As Insurance
The UK government is working on raising awareness among small and medium enterprises on the dangers of not being insured in case of a cyber attack.
Bank Of England Moves To Prevent Cyber Attacks
The Bank of England has launched a new framework that aims to test for cyber vulnerabilities across the financial sector.
BIS Announces New Steps To Make UK Cyber Secure
The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has revealed new joint initiatives between government and insurance companies to develop the UK’s grasp on cyber security.
Both US And UK Want More Cyber Security Experts
As cyber threats increase every day, so does the demand for more cyber security experts.
Businesses Forgetting About Cloud Security
A new study has revealed businesses are putting more sensitive data onto the cloud, but experts are concerned this is at the price of lax IT security.
Businesses Still Failing To Hit Fundamentals Of Security
Companies are still failing to properly protect themselves from potential attacks and hackers, with security not being given enough weight of consideration.
Cabinet Minister Claims Cyber Security Is Economic Opportunity
Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office, has claimed that not only is cyber security necessary, it is an essential feature and opportunity for the UK’s economic future.
Can Ex-Hackers Help UK Businesses With Cyber Security?
Ex-hackers are being targeted by UK companies to help them get ahead of the current crop of cybercriminals.
CERT-UK Set To Tackle Cyber Threats With New Partnership
As the issue of cyber-security continues to hold prominence, security and risk management consultancy firm Falanx Group has recently announced a new two-year contract to provide managed cyber defence services to CERT-UK.
Cisco Explains Causes Behind Recent Security Breaches
Earlier this week we posted a video with Terence Greer-King, director for cyber security at Cisco, who gave us his insights into cyber security for business and the sectors that are most at risk.
Cisco Offers Cyber Security Tips To Businesses
In the final part of our trilogy with Terence Greer-King, director for cyber security at Cisco, Terence offers business some valuable security advice.
Cisco's Latest Snapshot Of IT Security: The Sector Reacts
Only 45% cent of worldwide organisations are confident in their ability to fend off today's sophisticated cyber attacks - just one of the key findings from Cisco's 2016 Annual Security Report, released today.
Computer Forensics Supplier Splits In Two
AccessData Group, a computer forensics provider, has announced its business will be split into two independent global companies, effective January 1st 2015.
Consumers Lack Trust In Retailers To Keep Data Safe From Hackers
New research shows a lack of trust in brick and mortar retailers as well as an increased thirst to be made aware when suspicious activity takes place on an account.

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