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"Amazon Is Our Biggest Search Competitor" Says Google Chairman
Eric Schmidt gave a speech in Berlin where he explained that a “Google killer” is an inevitability and that it will come from where they least expect it.
"Let Users Decide Over Data" Says Germany To Google
A privacy watchdog for Hamburg, who was speaking on behalf of the entire country, has ruled that Google needs to allow users further control of how data is aggregated.
$400m Anti-Poaching Settlement Agreed In Silicon Valley Court
A number of tech companies accused of illegally trying to block staff moving to rivals have settled with the California legal system.
2015: Will It Be The Beginning Of "Bring Your Own Internet Of Things"?
Before the year came to an end, we got the chance to speak to Mark O’Neill, VP of innovation at Axway, about his predictions for 2015.
Acer Leading Vendor, Chromebook Shipments Up 67% This Quarter
New figures from ABI Research aren’t the first to point to strong Chromebook growth, with the year-on-year figures expected to double up.
Amazon Eyeing Microsoft For Corporate Email Service
Amazon is about to enter the corporate email market currently dominated by Google and Microsoft.
Amazon Gearing Up For Assault On Smart Home Market
After plans to invest $55m in its new 'Lab126' smart home project emerged earlier this week, more proof's being found that Google and Apple may soon have some serious competition here.
Analysts Claim "Death Of The App Greatly Exaggerated"
Analytics company App Annie claims that suggestions that the popularity of smartphone apps is on the wane are greatly exaggerated.
Android Pay For MasterCard UK Owners
Google is bringing Android Pay to the UK market, and consumers sporting a MasterCard card will be among the first ones to try out the new feature.
Apple To Host Free Coding Workshops For "Hour Of Code"
Apple is hosting a series of free coding workshops around the world as part of the Hour of Code campaign.
Apple's Irish Offshore Tax Arrangements To Be Revealed
Brussels is expected to release the findings of its investigation today - with sources suggesting that it will find Apple guilty of receiving "illegal" state assistance.
Bank Of England Plans Use Of Facebook And Google To Measure Sentiment
The Bank of England will be using sentiment from social networks and the net in general to help make decisions on when to move upwards or downwards with interest rates, and other matters.
BBC To Publish List Of Articles Removed From Google Under Right To Be Forgotten
The head of editorial policy at the BBC, David Jordan, told a meeting convened by Google that the company will produce a list of articles that have been removed from the search engine.
Berners-Lee Raises Fears Of Government And Corporate Web Control
Web founder repeats demand for an 'online bill of rights' to protect the privacy of surfers, and fend off censorship.
Brussels Says We've All Misunderstood 'Right To Be Forgotten'
The EU's Justice Commissioner hits back at critics of the controversial Google case.
Brussels Unhappy Again With Google's Data Policies
A new case could begin as early as November - and the EU has already sent out questionnaires to companies that have worked with Google on Android.
China Is Now Censoring VPNs
China has expanded its censorship programme to include a number of virtual private networks or VPNs.
Companies UsinG Linux-Based Cloud Servers "Wasting Billions"
Linux-based cloud users are overpaying by as much as 50 per cent for their Infrastructure-as-a-Service , according to cloud provider ElasticHosts.
Could 100Gbps 'Net Access Be Within Reach?
Oxford says 'Li Fi' - harnessing light to transfer information at high speeds through the air could open up the next wave of superfast wireless.
Could Not Spots Be On The Way Out At Last?
Six wireless industry companies have teamed up to create new solutions using the recently enabled US 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), believing they can drive innovation and create new business models, fuelling additional economic growth.

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