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“Snooper’s Bill” Clears Parliament
The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill, otherwise known as the Snooper’s Bill or Charter, has been successfully rushed through Parliament.
Americans Taking Action After NSA Surveillance
More than a third of Americans who are aware of Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations have taken at least one step to protect their information.
Amnesty Condemns “Farcical” IPT Hearing
Human rights charity Amnesty International has called last week’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) “farcical” due to government’s refusal to explicitly confirm or deny surveillance practices.
Amnesty International Has Been Spied On By GCHQ
Human rights organisation Amnesty International is calling for an inquiry following the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) spy agency’s admission to using its resources to spy on them.
Brits Tell Pollsters They LIKE Snooper's Charter
According to a new poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of, majority of us believe the government should be able to monitor mass communications when it comes to national security...
Brodie Notes Version Of Safe Harbour Dispute
The legal wrangling between US corporations and the EU over the transfer of user data could potentially have huge consequences for individuals and businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. Get caught up, if this is all news to you.
Campaigners React Unfavourably To ISC Report
A variety of human rights and privacy campaigners and groups have reacted in a negative manner to a new Parliamentary report on massive surveillance.
Clegg Opposes Cameron’s Latest Calls For Increased Surveillance Powers
Prime Minister David Cameron has called for more government Internet surveillance powers following last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris.
Drone Flights Increased By 50% By Pentagon To Meet Surveillance Demand
With the United States Air Force (USAF) suffering from pilot shortages, the Pentagon has joined the drone group with the backing of the US Army, Special Forces and approved third-party contractors who will increase drone activity by 50 per cent.
GCHQ Receives Complaints From ISPs Over Spying
Seven Internet service providers have made a legal claim against the UK intelligence agency over allegations of multiple network attacks and illegal surveillance.
GCHQ Releases Cryptoy App
The UK’s history of cryptography is fascinating, with famous cryptanalysts like Alan Turing, Dillwyn Knox, and W. T. Tutte  deciphering different code machines used in World War I and II.
GCHQ Surveillance Of Human Rights Group Is Illegal Says Tribunal
A judicial tribunal has ruled the Government Communications Headquarters surveillance of two international human rights groups was illegal, another strike on the spying department’s murky record.
German And UK Internet Users More Likely To Quit Over Privacy Fears
Internet users from the UK and Germany are more likely to stop using or delete an account for an online service than those from the United States, according to research into data privacy concerns.
Government Increasing Requests To Facebook For User Data
Facebook has revealed that governments around the world are requesting more user data than ever before.
Government Pushing Emergency Surveillance Legislation Through
The UK government is attempting to rush new surveillance regulation through Parliament that would allow emergency services continued access to phone and Internet records.
Has The EU Court Of Justice Killed Mass Surveillance?
Amid claims that it violated citizens privacy and respect, the EU Court of Justice has nullified a previous directive that allowed the storing of data on communications for up to two years.
Human Rights Groups Take UK To Court Over Surveillance
A group of humans rights and privacy campaigners and charities have come together to take the UK government to the European Court of Human Rights over mass surveillance practices.
ICO Issues CCTV Guidance “Fit For Our Times”
The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued its updated CCTV code, claiming it to be “truly fit for the times that we live in.”
Internet Of Things Will Lead To Big Brother-Style Surveillance Fear UK Consumers
According to a new survey by KPMG, consumers are increasingly concerned that technology is dominating their lives, with many desiring a return to “simple” devices.
Internet Users Must Demand Both Security And Privacy
The conflict between privacy and security is a long-running one, often inflamed by global threats, but always present.

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