Strategist magazine UK (aka ‘the Strategist’) is the new ‘boutique’ business-to-business magazine for the boardroom table and the business lounge. Strategist is a quarterly high-end print title, combined with our responsive mobile-first platform at, which features complementary content.

Strategist magazine presents strategic insight to organisational leaders – people for whom strategy, leadership, impact, governance, social awareness, entrepreneurship, ethics, globalisation, sourcing, sustainability, best practice, the digitally enabled enterprise, and more, are core concerns.

Strategist magazine recognises ideas, people, excellence, merit, diversity, skill, commitment and best practice. We publish nothing but high-end executive briefings, independent thought leadership, original thinking, and strategic analysis.

• Our Google analytics prove that long-form, in-depth content work online, with every single page on our site having an average visiting time measured in minutes, not seconds. We believe there is no longer a meaningful difference between an ebook and a website.