Zaizi: Think.Cloud For Digital Government 2016 Will Be 'A Very Useful Day' For You

Mar 21, 2016

Tomorrow (March 22) sees THINK.Cloud For Digital Government, a G-Cloud show 24n's been supporting. We spoke with one of the exhibitors at the event, Zaizi, to see why it's supporting the show

What is your company all about?

We offer a range of solutions in the Business Process Management and Content Management space, based on an Open Source approach - that's really been our focus area from the start, combined with a lot of managed hosting services.

Sounds interesting, but what are you offering the public sector ICT buyer in particular?

We have been in dialogue with, then helping build out, a lot of Common Technology Platforms for big Central Government Department, which was a big priority for the Coalition. They are all about ways to simplify and better structure both content and workflow for these big parts of government. They're proving useful as these guys have a lot of unstructured data to work with, and are using it as a way to better organise all that content and use it as a basis for Knowledge Management. Readers of might be particulalry interested in the fact we're working for the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills, for example, as well as the Ministry of Justice, on such platforms, as well as the Department for Education, and we're about to start doing similar work for DWP. We also have a great project going on at Bristol City Council, and can find out more about our offerings for the G-Cloud here, by the way.

OK great, but why this show - why THINK.Cloud for Digital Government?

We agree withe the organisers that it's real reference case studies that help the buyer. Delegates who are so busy in their day jobs now need to know they will be taking a day out for something that will be of actual, practical benefit for them and their projects, so they want to hear about how users like them are dealing with similar problems. A lot of our project work now is from customers who are starting to move away from just using Content Management for unstructured data to structured data and even business analytics, so they need to be hearing about similar use cases and what other people are doing to meet these challenges. 

Based on our previous work with THINK Events, we know that these are the features of the show tomorrow. We know we're going to meet a lot of very focused public sector customers tomorrow morming at The QE II Centre who don't need to be told about the cloud in general - they have real projects going on thay they're looking for immediate support for. For a vendor like us, that's brilliant, because they want help right now and are ready to engage at a serious level.

Sounds great! So, to sum up - why come and talk to Zaizi at THINK.Cloud for Digital Government tomorrow?

If you come to see us at Stand 3, we can talk to you about the art of the possible... how cloud, G-Cloud in particular, is ramping up - we're at the bottom end of what we think's going to be a very steep hockey stick, and the investment cloud firms like Amazon and Microsoft (Azure) in the UK shows that.

We can share with all sorts of buyers in the whole public sector, like health or local government, basically, the learnings from the big Departments and what they can now develop out of that best practice around Content Management. We're also doing a special fun 'Speed Dating' session, too, I should say - and you can also see us quizzed about our great work at the MoJ on the main stage, too. We think it's going to be a very useful day out of your busy schedule, so hope 24n readers can make it.

Thanks - and have a great show! is a media partner of THINK.Cloud For Digital Government, which is on tomorrow, Tuesday, March 22nd, at The QE II conference centre in Westminster

Don't forget to book your free place at the event, if you are a qualified public sector professional, here

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