Young Entrepreneur Has Successful Digital Agency

Sep 03, 2014

Towers Design, an agency that helps businesses with digital needs such as websites, graphics, hosting, branding, printing and SEO, was founded by an 11-year-old “entrepreneur.”

Now 16, Ben Towers employs 15 people at his digital start-up and claims to have worked with over 500 businesses, helping them to achieve technological goals.

Despite his success, Towers says he has faced a number of challenges as a young business owner that those who begin later on in life may not experience.

For example, the young entrepreneur believes mixing business with education can be “extremely tough.”

Speaking to a UK website that specialises in helping people start a company, Towers revealed that he only has 90 minutes of “business hours” and can’t answer his phone during the day or go to important meetings because he is at school.

He also advises fellow young business owners that they must be willing to make and learn from mistakes, ensure they have a good work/life balance and overcome stereotypes and misconceptions.

The entrepreneur says those who are younger than their counterparts can often be perceived as “messing around” or “not knowing what they’re doing.”

“Turn The Negatives Into A Positive”

However, Towers has chosen to take the obstacles and hardships he has faced building Towers Design and turn them into a positive.

“The important thing is to turn these challenges into opportunities and use them to spur you on,” he claims.

“Budding entrepreneurs need to understand that there are various challenges to starting up, but as a young business owner your job is to overcome this and prove that your business acumen and abilities can match that of entrepreneurs older than you,” he concluded.


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