Westminster Tech Entrepreneur Receives £75k Funding

Apr 13, 2015

A Westminster Business School student has received £75,000 venture capital funding after completing his Business Management Course.

Kristian Else founded Hallbookers, a student accommodation review website as part of his coursework on a course at the school which encourages students to create profitable business and brainstorm potential business ideas.

After creating a business plan for the website, Else approached Start Up Loans UK, a firm which provides loans to young entrepreneurs to help kick start business ideas.

He originally secured £9000 which he used to create a proof of concept launched in 2014 – however, media coverage led to the student being contacted by an independent investor.

This investor has experience in the student accommodation sector and was enthusiastic about developing a large scale platform to help students across the UK.

“The investor and I agreed for a £75,000 investment to be made in the company. This has been extremely helpful and has been used to create a new website, employ two University of Westminster students and help market out website,” Else claimed.

“Hallbookers is run by students for students. When students come to [the site] for advice they appreciate that they are dealing with another student who can relate to their situation and needs.

“The entrepreneurial skills I developed at Westminster Business School have helped bring an idea to life; I have received a lot of support from tutors along the way and look forward to growing Hallbookers over the coming years,” he added.

Schools Supports Innovation

Westminster Business School is one of London’s leading centres for professional business education and offers a wide range of practice focused programmes including MBA, professional and executive courses.

“The success of Hallbookers illustrates what can be accomplished with an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment,” claimed the school’s Business Management module leader Jane Chang.

“Kristian has run with his concept and is reaping the rewards of his efforts. At Westminster Business School, students are equipped with the tools to channel their potential into real-world business and Kristian and his Hallbookers business is a great example of how we are supporting young entrepreneurs to fulfil their aspirations,” she added.

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