West Midlands Selects Digital Policing Supplier

Jul 24, 2014

West Midlands Police (WMP) and West Midlands Office of Police and Crime have chosen a supplier to support the digital transformation of their operations.

Management consultants Accenture is tasked with delivering digitally enabled capabilities to the organisations in a £25m, five-year deal with the option to extend for a further two.

The firms says it will be helping WMP to meet current and future needs, manage citizen service requests and achieve cost savings across operations.

In the initial phase of the project, Accenture will design a new digital operating model for the Constabulary that will help shape and inform operation decisions from 2015-2020.

This process will occur in close consultation with WMP partners, local communities and stakeholders.

Besides this, the company will be providing the policing bodies with programme management, business change and system integration services with the intention of introducing mobile technologies to the Force to support front-line efforts.

WMP believes that mobile operability will allow Police officers to spend more time on patrol and in the communities.

It is hoped the transformational project will also develop how information is shared across the Force and aid the development of new innovative service delivery models with partner organisations.

Digital To “Transform The Way Crime Is Fought”

“Today Police forces need the latest technologies to assist in the fight against crime and to help protect communities,” claimed WMP Chief Constable Chris Sims.

“A more efficient operating environment supported by the greater use of technology will help us deliver better service to the public while reducing costs and maintaining a strong visible presence on the streets,” Sims added.

Accenture says that it will be aiding WMP is analysing existing Police data and information sources to support police investigations as part of the contract.

The firm will work with tech giant HP to design an improved IT infrastructure to support increased mobility, security and data analysis needs of the Force.

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