Welsh Assembly Seeking New Cloud Based Business Services System

Sep 18, 2014

Wales' central government is going to market to find new partners to help it build and tun an important new cloud-based application.

The aim of the new service is to enable Cardiff to be slicker at working with the Principality's business community, according to its just-published tender for the project.

Specifically, it says it is seeking bids from suitable suppliers for the implementation, support and on-going development of a Business Account System solution to manage the support provided to businesses in Wales though programmes run by the Welsh Government.

Up to six IT partners could end up being contracted in to offer a mix of software, consultancy services and operating system services over a five year period (so from February 2015 until at least 2020, when there is an option of renewal).

The scope of the contract is said to be between £1m and £5m will last until January 2020, when there will be an option to extend the deal for an additional two years, subject to annual reviews.

Cloud Is A Stated Requirement

The proposed solution must be able to enable businesses to transact electronically with Cardiff civil servants when they want to apply for grants, while moving to a more digital structure means mandarins will get a single, but basic, record for each of the businesses it deals with.

Being on cloud is a specific requirement of rthe system - plus it must offer an "efficient means of securely sharing information across its internal teams".


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