Warwickshire Gets New Performance Dashboard

Sep 10, 2014

Warwickshire County Council has received a new digital performance dashboard for its library item renewal service.

The Government Digital Service (GDS) claims this represents that its work with local authorities is gaining further momentum.

In March, it was announced that Socitm and GDS would be delivering local government dashboards to help shape the way local public digital services are understood.

A June update on the project revealed progress has been made –more councils were joining the scheme and dashboards were in the process of being developed.

The most recent dashboard displays service information on Warwickshire’s library item renewals.

This service is replicated in the majority of UK authorities and has a large volume of users, because of this, GDS chose to develop this dashboard firsts because it can then be replicated by a number of organisations.

Dashboard Revealing “Surprising” Information

According to Warwickshire, using the dashboard has helped channel some assumptions it had, for example it assumed the service usage rate for senior citizens would be very low, but 43.7% of those renewing library items do so online.

The dashboard has also help the council realise how unpopular its automated phone line is and assessing its effective could now be a point of further information.

GDS says that although its focus remains on central government, it is “keen” to build platforms that can be used by government and across the wider public sector.

“It’s been particularly useful working with local authorities and finding their needs to be often very similar to key Departments and agencies,” claimed Matt Harrington, GDS associate product manager.

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