Welsh .Cymru And .Wales Domains Launched

Sep 30, 2014

Today marks a historic day in Wales' digital history with the first websites to use the .cymru and .wales web addresses going live.

The first organisation to adopt the new domain name will be the National Assembly for Wales, which has officially set up its assembly.wales and cynulliad.cymru web addresses.

Ieuan Evans MBE, chair of Nominet's Wales Advisory Group, said that the domains marked the start of a new era for Wales in the digital world.

"In the next phase of the project, this opportunity will be extended to all businesses and individuals. We can't wait to share these new domains with everyone in Wales."

Other bodies adopting the web address include Media Wales, the Welsh Rugby Union, Gwalia and Portmeirion.

Presiding officer of the Welsh National Assembly, Dame Rosemary Butler said that the development gave Welsh businesses a great way of promoting their work and interests.

"I encourage everyone who has an online presence in or about Wales to consider adopting the new .cymru / .wales, as part of their future," she said.

From November, all businesses trading in Wales will be able to adopt the domain names, with wider pubic availability opening in March 2015.

The development follows the launch of the .scot Internet domain last week, which gives Scottish businesses the option of being part of their own online national community.

Baroness Rennie Fritchie, chair of Nominet UK, the company behind the new Welsh domain names, emphasised the importance of the news.

"After 25 years of the world wide web, Wales is making history by getting its own home online."

Author: Barclay Ballard
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