Unit4: “Most Powerful Technology Company In Government”

Mar 05, 2015

Software solutions provider Unit4 has been named as one of the ten most powerful technology companies in government.

In last month’s issue of CIO Story magazine, the firm appeared on the publication’s annual listing of such companies.

“Public sector organisations face constant pressure to better serve citizens, improve access to information and contain costs,” claimed Unit4 CMO Ivo Totev.

“With in increasing emphasis on achieving value for money, organisations must leverage technology in the best possible way to achieve these goals.

“The rich functionality, flexibility and ease of deployment our solutions offer makes them a perfect fit for public services organisations that need agility. It’s great to be recognised specifically for our work in this sector,” Totev added.

According to CIO Story, the company is at the forefront of tacking government technology challenges and impacting the government sector.

“Thousands Of Public Sector Customers”

Unit4 currently provides software solutions to 1500 public sector customers worldwide, including 24 UK central government Departments, 70% of central Norwegian government and a project in which it is supplying 150 government bodies in Sweden via a single instance cloud ERP implementation.

The firm claims to have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the market which it bases its strategies on.

It designs its software with service focused organisations in mind and offers a flexible enterprise planning system aimed at constantly changing environments like governments.

A number of its public sector customers have praised Unit4, including the deputy CEO of the City of Stockholm Gunnar Bjorkman.

“We are confident our decision n to consolidate to a single system will reduce costs significantly, even helping us become more profitable and improve efficiency across the city,” Bjorkman claimed.

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