UK Tops The List For Most CDOs

May 01, 2014

There are more chief digital officers (CDOs) in the UK on average than internationally, according to a new report from research firm Gartner.

After its study found that 9% of UK participants had recruited a CDO compared to 6% of their international counterparts, the company is recommending CIOs reassess their roles.

Lee Weldon, a research director at the firm claimed CIOs have reached a crossroads and must consider either pushing a digital strategy for their business or remaining as a back-office technologist.

“I think CIOs need to be very aware of what is going on and immediately be willing to engage,” said Weldon.

“Right now if the CIO is very focused on traditional IT and have their hands full with what they need to be proactive about bringing someone in,” Weldon claimed.

“In other words, don’t let it happen to you so you have to react, but engage from the very beginning,” he added.

Weldon also discussed whether the CDO role is a permanent of transition role, claiming there is a chance they may move back into CIO roles or strategy heads for their businesses.

Shifting UK Markets

Gartner claims its findings represent a shift from investing in emerging markets to IT, as the UK and Irish tech market have focused efforts on technology innovation and agility in the country.

It also says outsourcing is changing in Britain, as although 20% of suppliers are mainly insourced, 68% said they are planning on “new relationships.”

2300 CIOs were questioned in a survey to collect the data, of which 184 were from the UK.




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