UK Spend On Electronic Health Records Beats Rest Of Europe

Feb 28, 2014

Research by technology and outsourcing provider Accenture has revealed that the UK has the highest take-up rate of digital patient records in Europe.

According to the company’s report, $2.1bn (£1.26bn) is expected to be spent on technology that will deliver electronic health records (EHR) by the end of 2015, with an expected annual growth of 4.1%.

In comparison, the study puts the total spend on EHR in the US by the end of next year at $9.3bn (£5.6bn), while the same sum for the whole of Europe is $7.1bn (£4.3bn). Globally, the estimated figure is $22.3bn (£13.33bn).

The US spend is expected to grow by 7.1% each year while in Europe, there is set to be a 3.3% increase. A 5.5% increase is predicted for the entire world.

“Although the market is growing, the ability of healthcare leaders to achieve sustained outcomes and proven returns on their investments pose a significant challenge to the adoption of EHR,” claimed Kaveh Safavi, global managing director of the firm.

“However, as markets continue to change, we’re beginning to see innovative solutions emerge that can better adapt and scale EHR to meet the needs of specific patient populations as well as the business needs of health systems,” he added.

The NHS has plans to be paperless by 2018, with digital replacements for everything currently recorded on paper. It also has its controversial scheme that will move internal data from GP surgeries to a centralised electronic database.

The organisation has recently come under fire for this programme, with privacy concerns and criticism causing to be delayed by six months.




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